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3 Card Poker Game

Whether you are a novice or an experienced pro you are sure to love the new graphics and interface on this game of 3 Card Poker which is a Microgaming Gold Series game.

Play 3 Card Poker Online

Microgaming has recently given their 3 card poker game a full overhaul and have now brought out a fully revamped and it has to be said a much more realistic version, this is their Gold Series version that has not only got much better graphics but the sounds effects are much better too.

If you have never played 3 card poker before then you need to know that this game uses just one single deck of cards with the standard 52 cards in that deck, these will always be fully shuffled before a new game is dealt out or started.

The Ante Game part of the game will allow the player to place a wager from $1 up to a maximum of $200. What happens next is that 3 cards are then dealt face up and the player chooses whether they are going to play those cards. Should the player like his hand and then decide to carry on playing then an amount equal to the amount of the Ante bet also must be placed. The highest hand is deemed the winner but if the dealer does not have a hand that contains at least a Queen, the hand doesn't qualify and can't win even if it is the best ranked hand.

This game also includes bonus type payout and for getting certain hands you will be paid out at the following odds: Straights  1:1, Three of a Kind 4:1, and Straight Flushes 5:1. You should remember that the ante bonus payout is not reliant on the value of the dealers hand so that hand can still lose the match up but win the payout.

There is another wager you can make on its own or alongside the ante wager and this is the Pair Plus bet and if you place this wager then you will hope to be dealt a pair or any 3 card combination as listed on the bonus payout chart. You can bet from $1 to $200 on the wager and you will get  payouts for certain hand combinations in this part of the game which are not dependant on the Dealers cards. Which means that should the player's hand be for example a straight and the dealer's hand is a flush, the player still wins the Pair Plus payout for having a flush.

 If the player folds, they will always lose their bet. Winning combinations and their payouts for Pair Plus quite generous and these are as follows: Pair 1:1, Flush 4:1, Straight 6:1, Three of a Kind 30:1, and Straight Flush 40:1.

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