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Atlantic City Gold Series Blackjack

One of Microgamings most popular regional variations of Blackjack is the Gold Series Atlantic City Blackjack game which is pictured below, this one having been given the Gold Series makeover is presented as a good looking and easy to play Blackjack game with excellent graphics and sounds.

Atlantic City Gold Series Blackjack

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The Gold Series Atlantic City Blackjack game is classed as a Hole Card game which simply means the Dealer will check whether he is holding a Blackjack hand whenever he has been dealt, as his first card, either an Ace or a Ten valued card, should he have been dealt a 17 hand then he will always Stand his hand, players are given the option of Doubling Down on any two cards even after a Split.

This Blackjack variants uses Eight full standard decks of playing cards with 52 cards in each deck, and the software will completely shuffle these cards before any new game is dealt out.

This Gold Series game is also now available in a Multi Hand format which is the Gold Series Multi Hand Atlantic City Blackjack game.

How To Play Atlantic City Gold Series Blackjack

To play the game you first need to choose how much you wish to wager and the stakes available on the Atlantic City Blackjack game are as low as 1.00 and the maximum wager is 200.00, multi currency options are available or you can opt to play it for free by logging into your chosen casino as a guest player.

To place your stakes simply point and click your mouse at the betting box and then this will lay your chips onto the table and then simply give the Deal button a click, one face up card is dealt to you first and the Dealer is dealt a face up card, you are then dealt a second face up card and the Dealer receives a second card however this is a face down card which you cannot see.

Many different betting options become available to you once your first two cards have been dealt and we shall now list your options. You may wish to Split your cards and when offered your initial two cards are separated into two new hands and you need to place an additional wager on the new hand formed, this is done automatically and the price of this extra new wager will be the same amount as your initial wager.

If you are given the option of a Double Down then you will be buying a third card, this will also cost you the same amount as your initial wager, so you are doubling your stake in the hope of the extra card helping you win the game.

When the Dealer could possibly have Blackjack then you will be offered insurance, if you wish to take this wager then click the Insurance button and a wager will be placed onto the table from your bank automatically, this wager is half of your initial stake.. You can Stand your hand and by selecting this option you are dealt no additional cards and your hands value will be the final one. You may choose to Hit your hand and this is when you take another card which is dealt to you for no cost i n the hope of you increasing the value of your hand.

Atlantic City Gold Series Blackjack Payouts

The payouts on the Gold Series Atlantic City Blackjack game are as follows: Blackjack hands are paid out at odds of 3 to 2, a none Blackjack winning hand is paid out at the standard rate of 1 to 1 (even money) and a winning Insurance wager will see you being paid out, on the side bet, at odds of 2 to 1.