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Big Five Blackjack

If you like playing Blackjack but are seeking something fairly unique to try then allow us to introduce to you the game of Gold Series Big Five Blackjack which can only be found at online casinos that use Microgamings software platform. This game is relatively easy to play and master and will appeal to both high rollers and low rollers alike thanks to its fully adjustable stake levels.

Big Five Blackjack Card Game

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Microgamings Big Five Blackjack game which you can see above utilizes five decks of playing card, each one consits of the entire 52 card deck and to ensure fairplay all of the cards are shuffled before a new hand is dealt out.

The rules attached to Big Five Blackjack state that the Dealer is obliged to Hit on Soft 17 or any hand below this and this is a no peak game. Doubling Down (which means you can buy an additional card) is allowed on any two cards which you have been dealt and you may also Double Down when you have Split cards.

You can Split a hand up to three times and this means you will be playing with a total of four hands when you have done this, but when you Split Aces you can only Split them the once, and jus one card will be dealt to any Split Ace. Should you be dealt a ten or a ten valued card to any Split Ace then this hand will be classified as a standard 21 hand and not a Blackjack hand. Splitting unalike Ten valued cards is also permitted.

This game lets you take early surrender but only when the Dealers first card is not an Ace. The minimum wager you can make on Big Five Blackjack is 1.00 and the maximum wager is 200.00.

How To Play Big Five Blackjack

To set the game in montion you need to choose a stake level for your Ante wager this can be anything you lkike from a minimum of 1.00 up to a maximum of 100.00, the value of these bets are what ever you chose as the base currency for your casino account.

A manadatory 1.00 Jackpot bet is automatically placed on to the table for you, once you have chosen you Ante wager amount then simply click on to the Deal button and then you will be dealt five face up cards and then one face up card is then dealt to the Dealer.

Now after studying your cards you need to decide whether you think it will beat the Dealers hand, but you can only see one of the Dealers cards so you need to make a wise descision based solely on the strength of your hand and the one card of the Dealers hand that you can see.

You can Fold your hand which is in effect accepting that your hand is not strong enough to win and by choosing Fold your Ante wager is lost and the remaining cards are dealt to the Dealer to show you what his hand consisted of. Should you like your hand a wish to take on the Dealer then simply click Call and then a wager double to your Ante amount is placed onto the table and the Dealers hand will be revealed to you.

The strongest hand is then determined, and below you will find the payouts you will receive for a winning hand or when the Dealers hand does not Qualify.

Progressive Cyberstud Poker Payouts

Should the Dealer not Qualify by having at least a King and an Ace in his hand then if you have made a Call bet you will have your Call bet returned to you as a Push type wager and your Ante wager is paid out at Even Money, so if you have placed a 50 Ante wager and a 100.00 Call wager and the Dealer does not Qualify you get your 100.00 call back returned and you get 100.00 back for you Ante wager (50.00 @ Even Money =100.00).

If the Dealers hand Quailfies and your hand is the highest ranked one then you get paid double your Ante wager amount and the following bonus payouts are given on your Call wager amount:

Royal Flush 999 to 1, Straight Flush 199 to 1, Four of a Kind 99 to 1, Full House 14 to 1, Flush 9 to 1, Straight 5 to 1, Three of a Kind 3 to 1, Two Pair 1 to 1, One Pair 1 to 1, Ace King 1 to 1.

You will also get the following bonus payouts irrespective of whether the Dealer Quailies or not, these are for your Jackpot wager: A Royal Flush will win the current progressive jackpot displayed at the top of the screen, aStraight Flush pays 20,000, a Four of a Kind pays 500, a Full House pays 100 and a Flush pays 50. If your hand does not beat the Dealers when he has Quailfied you will lose both your Ante and Call wagers.