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Gold Series Multi Hand 3 Card Poker

The game that completes the Microgaming suite of 3 Card Poker games is the Gold Series Multi Hand 3 Card Poker game, and this one as you can see from the screen shot below lets you play up to five hands per game played and with fully adjustable stake levels it will suit both high and low rollers alike.

Gold Series Multi Hand 3 Card Poker Card Game

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Based upon the stylish Gold Series 3 Card Poker game this one has all of the enhanced graphics and game sounds but is presented in the multi hand format for those players seeking the ultimate 3 Card Poker game to play with easy to use game controls it is definitely a must try casino card game.

Even though this is a multi hand variant of 3 Card Poker it still uses just the one single deck of 52 playing cards which are fully shuffled before each new game is dealt out.

The format of the game is the same as all other 3 Card Poker versions in as much as you can play either the Ante or Pairs Plus game separately or combine them both in each hand you play.

How To Play 3 Card Poker Gold Series

Being a Gold Series game the minimum stakes are slightly higher than the standard version and this is set at 1.00 per hand, however you can play upto and including a maximum of 200.00 per hand.

To set the game in motion you need to decide on the stake levels and you do this by first selecting the chip values by clicking on then, and next should you wish to play the Ante wager simply point and click your most at the Ante box to lay your chips onto the table, then click the Deal button and each hand you have chosen to play is dealt 3 face upwards cards and the Dealer gets 3 face down facing cards.

Staring with the right hand side hand and working round in clockwise fashion you then need to decide to either Play each hand you do this by clicking Play and then an additional wager which is always equal to your Ante wager is added to that hand, or you may decide to Fold your hand if you think it has no chance of winning, by folding you will lose you Ante wager on that hand and then the hand is removed from play.

Once you have made a decision on each hand you are playing then the Dealers hand will be revealed, should the Dealers hand not contain a Queen or higher ranked hand then you will receive a payout on just your Ante hand which is paid out at odds of 1 to 1 (even money), your Play hand is then classed as a push and those stakes are returned to you.

Should the Dealers hand Qualify then your hands must independently beat his hand ranking for them to be classed as winning hands.

3 Card Poker Gold Series Multi Hand Payouts

When the Dealers hand Qualifies and your hand beats it you will be given some bonus payouts depending on the strength of your hand, an additional payout worth 1 to 1 on both your Ante and Play wager is given when your hand is either a Highest Card Hand, a Pair or a Flush. Should your hand be a Straight Hand then you get paid a bonus payout of 1 to 1 is given on your Play Wager, get dealt a Three of a Kind then your Play wager will be paid out at odds of 4 to 1, and when you get a Straight Flush your Ante wager is paid out at odds of 40 to 1.

Remember that a Pair Plus wager can be played either on its own or you may place it as an additional stand alone wager to compliment the Ante wager.

The Pairs Plus bet will cost your a minimum of 1.00 per hand and a maximum of 200.00 per hand, for this wager to be classed as a winner then you simply need to be holding in your hand a Pair or higher in ranking, the Dealer is not required to Qualify for you to win the Pair Plus bet, also it doesn't matter if the Dealers hand is higher ranked than yours.

The payouts received for a winning Pairs Plus wager are as follows: a Pair pays Even Money (1:1), a Flush will payout at odds of 4 to 1, a Straight pays 6 to 1, Three of a Kind pays 30 to 1 and a Straight Flush pays 40 to 1.