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Gold Series Multi Hand Perfect Pairs Blackjack

One of the newer Blackjack games now appearing in Microgaming powered online casinos is the exciting game of Gold Series Multi Hand Perfect Pairs Blackjack, this game uses European Blackjack as its base game but offers you an optional side bet known as the Perfect Pairs wager.

Gold Series Multi Hand Perfect Pairs Blackjack

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Unlike other Blackjack variants this one lets you play either the Perfecxt Pairs wager on its own, or the standard Blackjack game on its own, or you can combine the two however both games when combined to pay and play separately.

Two standard decks of playing cards each containing 52 cards are in play on this game and these will be shuffled before a new game commences.

You can choose to play just one hand per game or a maximum of five hands on each game dealt, and you can choose which betting positions you wish to play.

How To Play Perfect Pairs Blackjack

The minimum wager required to play the Perfect Pairs Blackjack game is just 1.00 per hand or a maximum wager of 200.00 per hand can be played the maximum Perfect Pairs wager is 25.00, so if you are playing all five positions a maximum wager on the base game will cost you 1000.00 or 1125.00 if you are playing the Perfect Pairs wager also.

To play the Perfect Pairs aBlackjack game simply choose the stake levels you wish to play each hand for and simply point and click your chips into the betting box as indicated on the screen, not forgetting to place any Perfect Pairs wagers into the relevant position.

Once you have placed your wager each betting position and the Dealer is dealt one card at a time in a clockwise direction until two cards have been dealt to each, the Dealer will only be dealt one card at this point and all cards dealt so far will be upwards facing including the Dealers firtst card.

Depedning on what cards you have been dealt you are then given the option of either Hitting your hand (this will entail you being given a further card to that particular hand which is free to receive), or you can Stand your hand (this means your current total of the two cards added together will be deemed as the final total for that hand and no additional cards will be dealt to it).

If you have been dealt a Hard 9, 10 or 11 then you may Double Down (this is when you pay another stake equal to your initial wager and are then dealt an additional card), or you may Split your hand, when you split cards they are then arranged into two new, separate hands and a new wager is required on the new hand formed, you then play out each of these two hands separately.

The Perfect Pairs game is played and paid separately and unlike a standard Blackjack game you are simplyy wagering on the first two cards dealt to this hand, it does not matter whether your hand beats the Dealers hand or not, if your first two cards are any kind of Pair then your Perfect Pairs wager will win.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack Gold Series Multi Hand Payouts

For the Perfect Pairs side bet to win your first two cards simply need to be a Pair, and if they are then your side bet wager will pay the following: For a Perfect Pair (two cards exactly the same value and suit) will pay you 30 to 1. A Pair of the same colour will pay 15 to 1, and any mixed Pair pays 7 to 1.