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Multi Hand Atlantic City Blackjack

The Multi Hand Atlantic City Blackjack game you can see below is one of the older versions of this game found in Microgaming powered online casinos, and whilst it may not be much to look at it is a farily decent one to try when you are looking for a multi hand Blackjack variant to play.

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This Multi Hand Blackjack variant is a Hole Card game which simply means that the Dealer is obliged to Peak when he is showing either an Ace or a Ten valued card, he does this to check wether he is in fact holding a Blackjack or not. Whenever the Dealer has a 17 then he will Stand and one game play rule you may like is that you are allowed to Double Down on any two cards even after a Split.

This variant of Blackjack is played with eight standard decks of playing cards and each deck is the standard type which has 52 cardsin them, and all these cards will be shuffled before a new game is dealt out.

This is a Multi Hand standard version of the original Atlantic City Blackjack game found in Microgamings every growing suite of casino games.

How To Play Multi Hand Atlantic City Blackjack

To begin playing you must first choose the stakes at which you wish to play the game at and this variant lets you play a minimum wager of 1.00 per hand or a maximum wager of 200.00, per hand, this can be in the succreny you chose when you opened your casino account.

You simply click the betting box on the layout to place your wager onto the table and to set the game in motion you next need to click the Deal button, you are then given one face up card and the Dealer is dealt a face up card, a second face up card is dealt to you and the Dealer receives a second card however this is a face down card which you cannot see.

Next you will have to make one of many different betting options these are dependant on the two cards you are showing at this point in the game, these options could include the ability to Split your cards and when you do this two new hands are formed with these cards, but you will need to place a new wageron the new hand equal to your original bet and then the cards are separated into two new hands.

Another betting option is the Double Down here you can get dealt another card but this will cost you the exact amount as your initial wager which will reuslt in you playing for double the stake you initially selected.

The insurance when offered and taken is an additional bet on which you are wagering that the Dealer has a Blackjack hand and he does then this side bet will be a winning one. You could Stand your hand and when you do this you are dealt no additional cards and your hands value will be the final one. Another option is for you to Hit your hand, this is when you take another card which is dealt to you for free in the hope of you increasing the value of your hand.

Multi Hand Atlantic City Blackjack Payouts

The Atlantic City Blackjack payouts are as follows: Every winning Blackjack hands are paid out at odds of 3 to 2, a standard winning hand is paid out at the rate of 1 to 1 (even money) and a winning Insurance wager will payout out at odds of 2 to 1.