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Deep Sea Dosh Slot

The Deep Sea Dosh game is one of the newer Fruit Machines that we are proud to showcase to you, it makes up a small part of the numerous slot games of this type which can be found exclusively at Microgaming Casinos. This fruity boasts a very unique bonus game and is built around an underwater theme and has some excellent sound effects to compliment this theme.

Deep Sea Dosh Fruit Machine

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About the Deep Sea Dosh Fruit Machine

The Deep Sea Dosh Fruit Machine is presented as a single payline fruit machine and has all of your standard fruit machine features including nudges and holds, plus you can trigger the bonus game completely at random with no need to line up any particular reel symbols.

Coni values can be fully adjusted by players and currently this slot is available on the following coin settings: 0.10, 0.20, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00, 10.00. The base game has a potential jackpot of 500 times your stake level which is a decent sized jackpot for any fruit machine!

Bonus Features on the Deep Sea Dosh Fruit Machine

Treasure Chest Bonus Game - This is awarded totally at random at any point in your session and once triggered the 16 Treasure Chests at the top of the screen will spring to life and each one will have a cash value attached to it. You then get to take part in a Take It or Leave Bonus game where by you are given the option of removing a set of these Treasure Chests which are removed at random, and then you are given the option of collecting the offer you are given for the remaining Chests or playing on, if you play on another set of them are removed and based on the value of the remaining Chests another take it or leave it offer is made.

You may choose to keep on playing until such a time as you have just one Treasure Chest remaining and at this point you can collect the value or that Chest as a cash prize or you may choose to take the Mystery Chest which as its name suggests has a mystery value attached to it.

Nudges - The thing that sets Fruit Machines apart from all other slot games is that they award what are termed as nudges, and once you have been awarded them you can choose to move any of the reels downwards, one at a time with the hope that you will end up with a winning combination on the pay line.

Nudge Bank Held - Should you have chosen not to use any nudges that you have been awarded or possibly you have some left over once you have nudged in a winning combination then this light may illuminate which indicates your unused nudges will be rolled over to the next game where you can then use them up should you choose to.

Nudge Gamble - Should you not have enough nudges to enable you to complete a winning combination then if the nudge gamble has been offered you can attempt to increase them (or lose them) by taking the gamble.

Nudge Repeat - Should you have used all the nudges that this fruit machine has awarded you but you haven't been able to nudge into place a winning combination then the machine may, at random, issue another set of nudges via the Nudge Repeat feature.

Let 'Em Spin - If, after using your nudges up you haven't nudged into place a winning combination and have only managed to nudge into place two matching symbols, then the alphanumeric display may flash up the words, Let 'Em Spin, when it does do not hold any of the symbols on the next spin you make and you will spin in a winning combination.

Shifta Feature - A winning combination may be completed at random via the Shifta feature, here the machine will automatically pick on of the reel symbols and then drop in a winning combination based on that particular reel symbol..

Hold - From time to time the Hold buttons may be activated underneath the reels, when they light up you can then choose to hold any or all of these reels to be kept locked into place for the next spin you make.