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Dubya Money Slot Machine

The Dubya Money game is a rather cheeky little fruity that makes up the Fruit Machines portfolio that can be found in any of the Microgaming Casinos that we have showcased on our website. The reason we say it is cheeky as the star of the slot is a character much like George W Bush the one time president of the USA, who actually passed a Bill that resulted in US based players not being able to play at Microgaming casinos!

Dubya Money Fruit Machine

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About the Dubya Money Fruit Machine

The Dubya Money Fruit Machine has one payline and comes with a bonus game plus a couple of extra features you may not have seen before on a fruit machine, it does however come with all the usual game e play features such as Holds and Nudges etc.

You can choose the coin values at which you play this fruit machine and these can be any of the following: 0.10, 0.20, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00, 10.00. The base game jackpot on the Dubya Money Fruit Machine is 500 times your stake level.

Bonus Features on the Dubya Money Fruit Machine

Oil Fields Bonus Game - The main bonus game you will want to trigger is the Oil Fields Bonus Game and this is activated via a number trail. Some of the reel symbols have a number super imposed up on them and once these numbers appear on the payline they will fill in the number trail, once you amass a total of eight the Bonus Game is launched. Before a new spin is made the feature trail may Hold, this means if you have less than eight numbers illuminated on it they will lock in position for the next spin

Once you manage to activate the bonus game several different features will be spell out, on the alpha numeric display several different features, you need to hit the stop button to reveal one of them which will be awarded these features are as follows.

Nudge Mania - This feature can award you with up to 15 nudges and one you trigger it you are returned to the base game and all of the nudge amount will flash, simply click stop and which ever one you land on is the number of nudges you are awarded with.

Spin a Win - This bonus feature will see the reels spinning in a winning combination.

Oil Strike - This game is based on the base game and several different multiplier values flash on the number trail all you have to do is click a hold button to select a reel, then a completely random multiplier value is allocated to that reel, the reels will then spin and should an Oil Barrel spin in on your chosen reel then you will win the multiplier value which is multiplied by your stake to arrive at your winning award.

Dubya Money - Once triggered three sets of reels will be shown and here each of the reels will spin, should a winning combination spin in on any of these reels then you win that amount and those reels will spin again, should no win appear then that set of reels becomes dead and stops spinning, as long as you keep on spinning in winning combinations on any or all of these reels they will continue to spin again.

Win Again - This feature sends you back to the base game and the names of all of the reel symbols will flash up on the alpha numeric display simply hit the stop button and which ever one you stop on is the winning combination you will win.

Ballot Box Feature - Arrows will be randomly added to the Voting Wheel which you can see at the left hand side of the reels, once this wheel is full then you will activate the Oil Fields Bonus Game. However should you spin in any reel win when you have arrows in this wheel then you get the Ballot Box feature. The wheel win spin and if George is voted in then you win that winning combination again, however if he is voted ut the winning combination will not be awarded again!

Nudges - Many players prefer playing Fruit Machine as opposed to any other type of slot game as you can win a number of nudges totally at random, when you have been given some you can then choose to move any of the reels downwards and this can often help you complete a winning payout on the pay line.

Nudge Bank Held - If this light illuminates and you have any unused nudges left over from the previous game then these nudges are rolled over and can be used at the completion of the next spin.

Nudge Gamble - When awarded this feature lets you gamble the number of nudges you have been awarded, you could win this gamble and be awarded additional ones or you could lose and then nudges are taken away from your total.

Extra Interest - You may be awarded Extra Interest, this simply means further additional nudges are added to your current nudge total.

Shifta Feature - Another random feature and one in which one of the reel symbols is highlighted and then shift the other two matching symbols into position on the payline to complete a three of a kind win.

Hold - When the Hold buttons light up underneath any of the reels, you can choose to pick any of them to be locked into position for the next spin.