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Fire n Dice Fruit Slot Machine

The Fire n Dice game is one of the new breed of Fruit Machines that can only be found at Microgaming Casinos who offer the biggest range of these types of slot games online. It is a devilishly good slot to play and the bonus game is well worth triggering!

Fire n Dice Fruit Machine

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About the Fire n Dice Fruit Machine

The Fire n Dice Fruit Machine offers the standard single pay line but the thing that sets its apart is that the base game does not award cash winning combinations, instead t offers you win spins and these are guaranteed winning spins!

As you would expect you can choose to play any coin value you wish and those you can pick from are : 0.10, 0.20, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00, 10.00. The maximum payout you can win on the base game is 50 winning spins which are played out on a special screen.

Bonus Features on the Fire n Dice Fruit Machine

Win Spins - There are three possible winning combinations on the base game and these are Cherries, get three of them and you are awarded 5 win spins, get three Single Bars on the payline and 15 win spins are all yours and should you get three matching Blue Seven Blue symbols then 50 win spins are all yours.

The win spins play out on a special screen and here you will see a grid pattern containing nine symbols divided into five paylines, once triggered the reels will spin resulting in you winning at least one winning combination on these reels, you could of course win on multiple paylines. The reel symbols are all dice sides and the pay table will show you what you will get paid for hitting any three matching symbols on any of these paylines, which can be as much as 500 times your stake for getting a row of three Sixes.

Nudges - At the end of any spin you may be awarded a random amount of nudges, they are nothing to be afraid of as they simply let you move any of the reels downwards to hopefully get a winning combination on the payline, the number of nudges awarded is up to the machine!

Nudge Bank Held - Should you have any nudges remaining after nudging in a winning combination, or should you have declined using any nudges then should this light illuminate then your nudges will roll over to the next spin.

Nudge Gamble - Occasionally you are offered the chance of gambling your nudge total, a winning gamble will increase the number of nudges available, however a losing gamble will result in nudges being removed from those available to you.

Nudge Repeat - If you have used up any allocated nudges then sometimes these are re-awarded by way of the Nudge Repeat feature, once awarded then another set of nudges are given for you to carry on using.

Let 'em Spin - If you cannot complete a winning combination via any nudges that have been awarded then try and nudge in at least two matching symbols, the reason for this is that you may be awarded the Let 'em Spin feature, this is awarded when you have nudged in two matching symbols on the reels after a nudge feature and if triggered then let 'em Spin is displayed on the alpha numeric display and you should not hold any of the symbols on the reels instead simply click spin and a winning combination will spin in.

Shifta Feature - At random the fruit machine may go into its Shifta mode, here one symbol will be highlighted on the reels and then the reels will shift to complete a winning combination of the highlighted symbol.

Hold - When this feature is award the Hold buttons underneath the reels spring to life and light up, you can then choose any reel or reels to lock into place for the next spin you make.