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Hip Hop Opotamus Slot

The Hip Hop Opotamus game is one of the most action packed Fruit Machines that can be found in the gaming suite of our top rated Microgaming Casinos. The Star of this slot game is the fully Blinged up Hippopotamus who is a big fan of Hip Hop music, you thought you has seen it all, but that was until you saw this game!

Hip Hop Opotamus Fruit Machine

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About the Hip Hop Opotamus Fruit Machine

The Hip Hop Opotamus Fruit Machine comes with just the industry standard one payline and it also boasts a huge number of different bonus features including of course the more commonly found Holds and Nudges along with many that are unique to this game.

You are free to set the stake levels at which you can play this game and those available to you are as follows: 0.10, 0.20, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00, 10.00. Should Lady Luck be on your side then you could win a 500 times your stake jackpot on the base game alone, and just as much should you strike it lucky on the bonus round.

Bonus Features on the Hip Hop Opotamus Fruit Machine

Hi - Lo bonus game - Superimposed on to some of the reel symbols are numbers, and when these land on to the pay line they will light up numbers of the trail and you are tasked with trying to accumulate a total of eight numbers on this trail to launch this bonus game. Here you are presented with a game board and a reel that has numbers from one to twelve on it, you simply need to guess whether the next number on this reel will be higher or lower than the current one and if successful you will then move around the board the number of squares as displayed on this reel.

Busta Hippo - This game will take you back to the base game and you have to select a reel from those flashing, you will then have to pick a hold button and a multiplier value will be given to that reel, the reels then spin and should a Hippo symbol spin in on the reel your selected then you will win that multiplier amount.

Rapper’s Delight - This is a simple bonus game once collected the base game returns to the screen and a winning combination will be spun in for you.

Beats, Rhymes and Cash - This feature sends you back to the base game and groups of two winning combinations will flash on the pay table, you need to hit the stop button and both these multiplier amounts are added together and then multiplied by your stake amount to work out your winning total.

Like a Jungle - This is an against the clock type feature and once collected the base game is returned to your screen and you must pick one of the winning combinations that are spinning around on the reels, be quick though as eventually the reels will come to a final stop themselves.

Rap it Up - This is a hide and seek type bonus game, and once you select it the alpha numeric display will show three different multiplier amounts, it will then cover them up and shuffle them as you try and keep track of them, simply choose one once they have come to a stop, and this amount will be revealed and multiplied by your stake to reveal your winning payout.

Grand Master Cash - This game will see you being returned to the base game and the pay table will illuminate the payouts in sequence, you are tasked with stopping it on the highest one, which ever one you stop it on is the one you will win.

Close 2 the Edge - This is a simple higher or lower nudge gamble feature, you are awarded a number of nudges with a win amount attached to them and you then simply have to choose whether the next spin of the number reel will be higher or lower than the previous one, guess right and you move up the nudges awarded board guess wrong and the nudges awarded are those saved up before the losing gamble. This feature will return you to the base game to nudge your final win in. A non winning nudge allocated could be held and rolled over to the next spin.

Off Da Hook - This game is based around the base game and a random number of reel wins will be displayed consecutively on the reels. These are added together to give you your final winning payout.

Hip Hop O Potamus - This bonus game is based around the alpha numeric display and here a series of multiplier values will flash, you need to stop one of these series which are then added together and multiplied by your staked amount.

Multiplier Values - Landing on any of these positions will award you with the respective multiplier value which is multiplied by your stake to arrive at you winning payout.

Win Spins - Land on any of the Win Spins positions and if you collect them you are sent back to the base game where each of these spins will play out, each of them are guaranteed to spin in a winning combination.

Bonus Nudges - Once you collect any of the Nudges as displayed on the grid you are then returned to the base game where these nudges are awarded.

Nudges - If you have had a losing spin then you could possibly turn it into a winning one thanks to the nudge feature, once awarded you are given a certain amount of nudges which can be used to move the reels in a downwards direction, so choose the reels to move wisely!

Nudge Bank Held - Should you have either any nudges left over once the nudge feature has been awarded, or should you have decided not to use any of them then they could be locked into position and used on the next spin if this light illuminates.

Extra Interest - This is a random feature that can add extra nudges to your total, if awarded this light will illuminate and the extra nudges awarded will be added to your total.

Scratches Feature - On the left hand side of the screen you will see the Turntable, segments of this can be randomly filled in and should you manage to fill it in completely then the Hi Low Bonus game is launched. If on the other hand a winning combination spins in when you have some segments lit then this will spin and should you manage to land the lit up segments on the "Mixed In" part of the display then your win is repeated, if it doesn't then no repeat win is awarded.

Shifta Feature - This feature can be triggered totally at random and once activated it will pick one of the reel symbols for you and then shift in the remaining symbols needed to complete that winning combination.

Funk You Up - This can be awarded once you have spun in a losing combination, all of the reel symbols names are flashed on the alphanumeric display and you must hit stop to select one of them, the winning combination associated with that symbol will then spin in.

Hold - These are offered at random and simply enable you to lock into place any of the reel symbols for the next spin, the Hold buttons will illuminate beneath the reels and you must click on which ones you wish to hold.