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Jamaican Fortune Slot

The Jamaican A Fortune game is a colorful and perfectly themed Fruit Machines based around the laid back, relaxed pace of life that can be found on the Caribbean island! It is currently available to play at all of our Microgaming Casinos. Should you want to be reliving that dream holiday or even dreaming of the the perfect holiday destination then this fruit machine will get you in the mood!

Jamaican A Fortune Fruit Machine

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About the Jamaican A Fortune Fruit Machine

The Jamaican A Fortune Fruit Machine is, as most fruit machines are, a one pay line slot and this little beauty comes packed with all manner of different bonus features that will enhance your game play.

All of the coin values can be adjusted and at the moment you can choose any of the following coin settings: 0.10, 0.20, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00, 10.00. The base game jackpot is a lush 500 times your stake and the bonus rounds will keep you more than busy and entertained!

Bonus Features on the Jamaican A Fortune Fruit Machine

Easy Life Bonus Game - The bonus game will be triggered once you manage to get eight numbers filled in on the number trail which you can see underneath the reels. To fill this in you need to spin in super imposed numbers that appear alongside the normal reel symbols. This number trail can be held, which means any numbers you have accumulated during any one spin are kept in place for the next spin, this is hold feature is awarded randomly and once activate the Trail Held light will illuminate.

There are several different features awarded during this Easy Life Bonus Game and to help you understand each one we have listed them all below. Once you trigger this feature you then have to click stop to reveal which of the bonus game listed below you will win.

Win Again - This game will send you back to the base game and then you will see various reel symbols named and flashing on the alpha numeric display, you need to click stop and the one you land on will result in that winning combination spinning in on the reels and this is your prize.

Nudge Mania - Being awarded this bonus game will see you having to hit the stop button as the number of nudges flash, which ever one you stop the light on is the number of nudges you are awarded back on the base game. If you choose not to use them then they may be held over to the next spin you make.A nudge gamble may also be offered which could see you winning this gamble and being awarded additional nudges.

Spin-A-Win - This bonus game is quite easy and you are returned to the base game and one guaranteed winning spin will be played out on the reels.

Cash Selecta - Here the pay table multiplier values will flash and you need to click one of the reel symbols to stop the lights flashing on one of these amounts, the reels will then spin and should you be lucky enough to spin in a Cash Bag symbol on the reel you have chosen then your stake played on that game is multiplied by the value you lit up and is awarded as your winnings for that bonus game.Cash Selecta! is a pick-a-win feature.

Jamaican-A-Fortune - This bonus game will see the three special sets of reels on the bonus screen springing to life, here they will all spin and any winning combinations that appear on any of them are added together, a winning spin keeps that set of reels active and a losing spin shuts down that set of reels, you will keep on spinning and winning on any set of reels until a losing combination spins in.

Nudges - Should you have had a non winning spin then often this can be turned into a winning ne thanks to the nudges that this Fruit Machine can award, they simply let you choose any of the reels to move downwards, one at a time and hopefully this will let that losing spin magically turn into a winning one!

Nudge Bank Held - Choosing not to use any nudges awarded, or having any left over may result in the unused or unwanted nudges being rolled over to the next game, when this happens the Nudges Held light will illuminate and at the completion of the next spin those nudges are given again to you to use.

Nudge Gamble - The number of nudges you have been awarded may not be enough for you to complete a winning combination, sometimes the fruit machine will offer you a nudge gamble that will let you risk the nudges you have for additional ones, or you could lose them, that's the gamble!

Extra Interest - At random any nudges you have been given may be boosted by the Extra Interest feature, when active this light will illuminate and additional nudges are credited to your nudge bank.

Hidden Features - From time to time you may be awarded a hidden feature once you have used up your nudges and have only managed to nudge into place on the payline two matching symbols, keep your eyes on the fruit machines alpha numeric display, if it says "Let 'em Spin" then do not hold the two matching symbols if a hold is offered, and you will then spin in a three of a kind win!

Bass Bin Feature - This is a spinning wheel type game, at the side of the reels you can see this wheel, which will have randomly added segments lighting up as you play the slot, once any win spins in, and as long as you have segments on this wheel lit up, then this wheel will spin, should it stop on the Mixed In section then your winning combination is credited to your bank as an additional win, but if it land in the Mixed Out section of the wheel then no repeat win is awarded.

Selecta - This is a simple randomly triggered bonus game which will see the fruit machine select on of the symbols and drop in a winning combination of the chosen symbol.

Hold - Before you spin the reels you may trigger the Hold feature, this is the most common feature on fruit machines and simply allows you to select any or all of the reels to hold in place for the next spin, to hold and reel simply click the flashing hold button underneath your chosen reel.

Bonus Reel Symbol - Should you spin in, on any of the reels, the Bonus symbol then you need to click stop to reveal a feature there are four possible features that this Bonus symbol can award and these are as follows.

Boost - By clicking stop you will be boosted along the number trail to a new position.

Skillshot - The number trail lights will illuminate in order and you need to skillfully hit the stop button on the Bonus Game Start light.

Stoppa - Pressing Stop will randomly move you to a new position on the bonus trail.

Selector - The number trail will light up in different groupings and you need to try and stop it once the entire trail is lit up to enable you to enter the Easy Life Bonus Game