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Pub Fruity Slot

The Pub Fruity game is the original and some would say one of the best Fruit Machines that can be found online, and should you like the look of this game and wish to give it a few spins than all of our featured Microgaming Casinos carry it in their gaming suite. It has a Pub related theme and also features its very own Bar Maid.

Pub Fruity Fruit Machine

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About the Pub Fruity Fruit Machine

The Pub Fruity Fruit Machine has one payline as most fruities of this type do and it comes will a feature trail that can and does award you all manner of different bonus features.

You can choose how much or how little you play each spin at and these can be any of the following amounts: 0.10, 0.20, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00, 10.00. The base game jackpot is a generous 500 times your stake and should you wish to play it for free then a free play mode option is available.

Bonus Features on the Pub Fruity Fruit Machine

Dart Contest Bonus Game - Some of the reel symbols have Darts super imposed onto them, every time one of these appears on the reels a Dart will be added onto the Darts Bank area just left of the reels, once you have spun in a Dart individually on the base game then the Dart Contest bonus game is activated, here you simply need to choose one of the Dart Players who you think will win the contest, If your select players comes first you win a payout worth 1000 times your stake, if you player comes second you win a payout worth 100 times your stake and should your player be third then a payout worth 50 times your stake is paid out.

Drinks Content Bonus Game - Some of the reel symbols have numbers super imposed onto them, and every time one or more of these numbers appears on the reels then the corresponding number of lights will illuminate on this trail, the aim is to get enough numbers lit to allow you to work your way along the trail and win one of the features awarded for hitting certain positions, the following positions and features are on offer.

If your bowl is closest to the Jack you win a prize worth 2000 times your stake, if you bowl is the second closest to the jack you will be awarded a win worth x250 your stake, if your bowl is the third closest to the Jack a prize worth x50 your stake is awarded, and should you bowl end up being the furthest away from the Jack you will win a cash prize worth x25 your staked amount.

Blank Positions - Some of the positions on the trail are blank, you will get nothing for landing on these stops however once you land on them then this position may be held over to the next spin, thus allowing you to move further up the trail without having to spin in the numbers already spun in!

Free Spin - This position will give you a free spin, and as the name suggest no stake will be charged for making this spin.

x2, x4, x10, x25, x100, x500 - Landing on any of these positions will award you a multiplier which is simply your stake multiplied by the respective amount.

Bonus Nudge - You are awarded a nudge feature which allows you to moves any of the reels downwards in the hope of completing a winning combination

Cocktail Shaker - This position on the feature trail will move you either backwards or forwards onto a new position on the trail.

Win Spin - As the name suggests landing on this position will give you a guaranteed winning spin of the reels.

Stoppa Win - The lights will move up and down the trail and you much hit stop to hopefully land on a large cash payout amount.

Nudges - Should you have had a non winning spin then often this can be turned into a winning ne thanks to the nudges that this Fruit Machine can award, they simply let you choose any of the reels to move downwards, one at a time and hopefully this will let that losing spin magically turn into a winning one!

Nudge Bank Held - Any unused Nudges can be randomly held by the machine, if you have unused nudges the "Nudge Bank Held" light will illuminate if these nudges have been rolled over to the next spin, if they have once that spin has been completed you can then utilize the nudges.

Hold - A hold feature simply lets you pick one or more of the reel symbols to lock in place by clicking the hold button underneath any of the reels, this is awarded at random.