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Stallionaire Slot

The Who Wants to be a Stallionaire game is a one of the best Fruit Machines to play if you like plenty of bonus features which all play out on a special feature board. This fruity is just one of many that can be found in the download gaming suite of all of our Microgaming Casinos. Stake levels are fully adjustable and it comes with a healthy jackpot and a high payout percentage.

Who Wants to be a Stallionaire Fruit Machine

About the Who Wants to be a Stallionaire Fruit Machine

The Who Wants to be a Stallionaire Fruit Machine is your common and garden fruit machine with just one payline, it is built around a day at the races type theme and it boasts a base game jackpot of 500 times your stake level.

You can play this fruit machine on any of the following coin values: 0.10, 0.20, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00, 10.00. Plus the bonus games are triggered by filling in any one line of symbols on the Bonus Grid which you can see to the left of the reels.

Bonus Features on the Who Wants to be a Stallionaire Fruit Machine

Who Wants To Be A Stallionaire Bonus Game - You launch the bonus game by completing any row of three symbols on the Bonus Grid, the symbols which launch this feature are the Horse Shoes and these are super imposed onto the normal reel symbols, once they spin in they are added to the Grid.

If you have managed to get some Horse Shoes onto the Grid but they haven't completed a row, then occasionally they will lock in place for the next game, when this happens the 3 In A Row Held light will illuminate and lock in position for the next spin.

Once you trigger the Bonus Game you will be taken to a new screen and here you will see a playing boar which has 24 positions on it, you then simply need to work you way around this board by clicking the spin button which spin the number eel, any number spun in on this reel moves you around the board by that number of moves. You have a number of Wedges and you need to have them to continue in the game, if you run out of them then this bonus game will end. Below is a description of all the positions on this bonus game.

Start - This is where the game begins and is your starting block.

Nosebag - This feature returns toy to the base game and you will spin in a guaranteed winning spin.

Wedge Decreasing Positions - The following board positions decease the number of wedges you have: Non Starter, Lose, Bankrupt, Cleaned Out

Wedge Increasing Positions - Win Some Wedge, Quick Buck

Gift Horse - On this bonus game you need to click the stop button to stop the flashing lights which are scrolling through the multiplier values, which ever one you stop on is the prize you win.

Paddock Inspection - This position is a rest stop which doesn't award a feature or cash prize.

Horse Around - This is a find and win bonus feature, three multipliers are shown to you then covered up, they are then shuffled around and you must then pick one which is then revealed and multiplied by your stake amount.

In The Money - Here you need to click the stop button to stop the winning symbols on a winning combination, this is against the clock so be quick or else the reels will finally stop themselves.

Giddy Up - This will move you on to a new position on the board.

Nags To Riches - Once triggered you go back to the base game and here the three reels will flash, click stop to pick a reel, then the reel symbols on that reel begin to flash you then need to click stop again to select one, the chosen reel symbol will then be spun in as a winning spin.

Medallion Stallion - Here grouping of three multiplier amounts will flash, click stop to select a group which are then added together and multiplied by your stake.

Hold Your Horses - This game returns you to the base game and here you will see a series of winning combinations spin in, you need to click the stop button to select the one you wish to be awarded.

Cash Accumulator - A series of winning combinations will spin in and as long as they keep spinning in you will keep on winning their cash values.

Bust The Bookie Super Jackpot - This is the top award and has a jackpot worth 500 times your stake, once you have been awarded your prize you may be able to win it again by clicking stop and hoping the Yes light is illuminated and not the No, this p[art of the game is the Yes No Repeater.

Nudges - The most common bonus feature on Fruit Machines and one that appeared on the early fruities is the nudge feature, once awarded by the machine you can then choose to move any of the reels downwards and by doing so you can often move into position a winning combination, so look out for this feature as it can turn losing spins into winning ones!

Nudges - By using the nudges awarded by the Fruit Machine you are permitted to move the reels downwards, one at a time, and once you have moved them you can often end up with a winning spin, so carefully choose which reels to move!

Nudge Gamble - If offered, you may gamble then number of nudges that you have been awarded, a winning gamble adds a nudge and a losing gamble removes a nudge.

Nudge Repeat - If you have been awarded nudges and then used them but haven't been able to nudge in a win, then at random you may win another batch of nudges but only when the Nudge Repeat button lights up.

Hold - If the Hold lights illuminate then you can select any reel by clicking on the Hold button underneath that reel and keep it in position for the next spin.