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Blackjack Bonanza Slot Machine

Here is a posh little slot game that you may wish to try out, it has a rather unusual Blackjack theme running through it, and has the attention to detail that often goes unnoticed, such as the bow tie on the seven symbol! This is yet another of the basic, fun to play slot games available online.

Blackjack Bonanza Slot

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Where To Play The Blackjack Bonanza Slot

You will find that all of our featured Microgaming Casinos carry the Blackjack Bonanza slot machine, but if you are looking for an outstanding site to play at then Nostalgia Casino is worth checking out, they have loads of bonuses and comps to give away and you can find out all about these by reading our Nostalgia Casino Review.

Blackjack Bonanza Slot Reel Symbols

The Blackjack Bonanza slot machine has the following reel symbols: Jack, Single Bars, Double Bars and Triple Bars, and the Seven symbols. The Jack Symbols are the Jackpot symbols and these are also Wild symbols which stand in for any other symbol and will help complete winning combinations.

Stake and Prizes

Coin values on the Blackjack Bonanza slot can be fully adjusted and current values are: 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00. You can play with one two or three coins per spin and the jackpotis 1000 coins for a one coin spin and 2500 coins for a two coin spin and 4000 coins for a three coin spin.So a one coin maximum coin value jackpot is worth 500.00 and a two coin maximum jackpot is 12500.00 and a three coin maximum jackpot is 20000.00.

Top Tip For Playing The Blackjack Bonanza Slot

By playing the maximum number of coins on each spin of the reels you activate the enhanced jackpot, so this means that you should only ever play with all coins in action, if you do not then you will end up losing out as this results in your receiving a lower payout percentage.

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