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Pokie Gamble Feature

There are some players who like a bigger gamble that just playing on a Pokie machine . For these people there are machines which, once you have managed to get a winning combination, you can choose to gamble this win further and increase your prize, naturally this is not guaranteed and you may lose your original win.

It's all a matter of what kind of player you are, the more careful player who plays purely for enjoyment only, will probably not bother with this option, but some people like the thrill of winning big time when they are least expecting it to happiness machines are for them !!

Many Microgaming Pokie games feature this additional feature and here we will investigate it more, explaining how it works and more importantly when it is best to chance your hand and give this option a go !

Double or Nothing Pokie Gamble Feature

This is the most frequent Pokie gamble option and offers a chance to double your winning stake. To take advantage of this feature you need to hit the Gamble button once it lights up after you have a winning line on the game you are playing.

This will open up a new screen where you will find the Double or Nothing feature displayed. It is a simple game of guessing the colour of the playing card in the middle of your screen, chose either Red or Black by clicking the appropriate button. The card turns over and your win will be doubled if you guessed right. If you didn't then you lose your original win and this feature closes, reverting back to your original game.

Extra Pokie Gamble Features

If you fancy your chances at an even bigger win, then this feature is the one for you...chancing your hand on a 1 in 4 gamble in the hope of increasing your win four times.

As with the Double or Nothing feature you press the Gamble button when a winning line appears on your original Pokie game, this time round however, you have to guess which suit the face-down card will be when it is turned over. Make your choice by selecting either the Hearts, Clubs, Diamond or Spades button and wait for the card to be turned over. A correct guess will see your winnings quadruple in value !! A wrong guess means you lose the gamble and your original win too.

Easy Pokie Gamble Feature

At the bottom of the screen you can see the last cards dealt in these bonus games, however these are only meant as guidance and have no influence on the next card to be dealt.

You should not let the cards displayed here affect your decision when making your guess. It is a common error to assume that because you can see a run of Black cards at the foot of the screen, that the next one will be Red, remember each card is drawn purely by chance so the cards you see cannot be used as a guide as to what the next card might be.

Gamble Limit

Most of our slot machines with these extra gamble features, will let you keep on gambling on a winning combination on your original game, up to five times, or until you reach the top of gamble limit. When you do reach this limit, the machine will add your winnings to your credit meter automatically.

If by accident, you press the Gamble button once more, you will be given the opportunity to collect your win by using the Collect button, the machine will then add your winnings to your bank and return you to your original game.

When to Gamble your winnings

Advising players when to try their luck at this feature is a tricky thing to do, not least because no two players are alike and each has their own idea about their chances of a big win.

We would definitely suggest that you do not use this feature too often, it is all too easy to think it is your lucky day and play the feature more and more. A sure way to lose your money quickly is to have a run of losses on this feature. The best advice we can give here, is be cautious, only play these features every now and again !!