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Better payouts from new Pokies

Pokie players can be a quite sceptical bunch and with so many so called Pokie secrets, myths and hints and playing system available to these kind of gamblers rumors can be passed on from players to play that are taken as fact. One of the most common questions that, depending on which Pokie player you speak to will get either a yes or no answer is do you Better payouts from new Pokies.

Well in a land based casino or Venue where there are one or more Pokies available to play it is quite possible that a new Pokie machine which has just been wheeled out is set to return to players better payouts during it first few days of operation.

There can be several reasons why the payouts are better during the first few days that this Pokie is in operation, the first and most obvious that the Pokie machine operator has set it to play and pay much better during its first few days so that when players play it they get plenty of wins spinning in and bonus features launching and triggering.

As many players naturally flock to new machines it machine good operational and business sense for the Pokie machine operator to up these payouts to stir some much needed additional interest in the machines and to get players to like playing them from the get go, and a well paying Pokie will definitely get players to like it.

There is a world of difference however between land based Pokies and Online Pokies the main one being that there is no need to online Pokie machine operators to raise the payouts on new Pokies due to the simple fact that they are offering above average and much better payouts all of the time when compared to a land based Pokie machine.

As these Pokie Games cost much less to operate in an online environment and by ensuring that from launch these machines are installed with the highest possible payouts then no matter when an online Pokie players plays them they are always going to be getting true value for money.

All of our featured Australian Online Casinos will let you play their on-line Pokie machines for free and they all play and pay exactly the same way as the real money versions, so why not put some of them through their paces and you will soon discover the instantly noticeable higher payouts and better playing time you get from the online Pokies.

Also new Pokie machines are released each month by all of our online casinos and this means you are always going to be paying the very latest games that come with all manner of new and unique themes and bonus feature rounds.

Jackpot Express Pokie
Jackpot Express Slot Game

The Jackpot Express Slot is one of original three reel, five payline slot games that was launched by the online casino software company, Microgaming, many years ago and it is still going strong even to this day.

The reason why it is so popular is that it offers a fast paced game playing style and savvy players realize that by activating all five paylines you get the chance of winning the enhanced 5000 coin payline number five jackpot.

Rings and Roses Pokie
Rings and Roses Slot Game

The Rings and Roses Slot a sweet little slot game offering just three reels but you can, if you choose too, play up to five different paylines on every spin you make, and this is the key to getting the best pay backs.

As you would expect you can adjust all of the coin value settings and this slot also comes with the expert, autoplay mode that allows you to set the slot to play itself, ideal if you are tired of clicking the start button!

Riverbelle Riches Pokie
Riverbelle Riches Slot Game

The Riverbelle Riches Slot features a special wild multiplier symbol which will help increase the winning payouts that are achieved whenever either one or two of these symbols stand in for and complete winning combinations.

The wild symbol can boost payouts by two times their usual values when one wild symbols appears or by four time the wins usual payouts if you get two of these special symbols in any winning combination.