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Pokie Double UP Feature

If playing pokies is not a gamble in itself there is now an added feature that you can make and that is the double up feature more commonly known as the gamble feature which give the chance of getting bigger and better returns from any winning spin you have made.

There are a few ways people tend to use the double up feature, however using it incorrectly or at times when best strategy says you shouldn't is often a costly waste of time, money and effort so we thought we should give you a little advice on the best ways to play it,

The majority of double up feature slots are found in our Microgaming powered sites and these are some of the best places to play for the biggest choice of pokies that come in all shapes and sizes.

Double or Nothing Double UP Feature

Once you are playing a Pokie with the double up feature and you have spun in a winning combination simply give the gamble button a click to activate this bonus game, you will then be presented with a face down deck of cards and you simply have to choose if the next card drawn will be red or black.

You will have to click red or black and then the deck of cards will reveal the top one, if you guess correctly then your winning base game spin is instantly doubled, get the guess wrong and you win amount will be lost and the double up feature is over.

Quadruple Your Win Double Up Features

Should on the other hand you wish to go for glory then how about trying to guess the suite of the next car drawn, as you may be aware there are four suits in a deck of cards and guessing the correct one will quadruple your base game win.

The choices are of course either Hearts, Clubs, Diamond or Spades and you simply need to click the respective suit button to make your double up wager and then the card will be dealt.

Double Up Tips and Features

To enable you to keep track of which cards have been dealt previously at the foot of the game you will see all of the previous cards that have been dealt to you on this respective Pokie machine.

Try not to get too carried away when using the double up feature as it can often be too easy to keep on doubling up once you have had a good run, take your time and use this feature sparingly and also use the previous cards dealt as a guide not as a factual tool for what cards should be dealt out next!

Double Up Limit

All of Microgamings pokies that let you use the double up feature have a built in limit which limits the number of times you can double up or will end the double up feature once you have successfully won a certain amount on it.

Should you have clicked the gamble button but change your mind then this is not a problem as you can exit the double up feature by clicking on the collect button which is along the button of the slot where all the other double up control buttons are located.