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Cyberstud Poker Game

The game of Cyberstud Poker is a very interesting variant of the very popular game of poker, in this particular game you play against the Dealer, and your task is a fairly straight forward one, you simply have to get yourself a stronger hand than the one the Dealer has been dealt. There are a range of different payouts which can make playing it very rewarding, give it a try below we think you will get to like it..

Payouts on the Cyberstud Poker Game

Royal Flush - This is the best hand you can get dealt out and pays a massive 1,000 for 1

Straight Flush - This is the second best hand you can get dealt and this pays a huge 200 for 1

Four of a Kind- Not the best hand but well worth getting as it pays out as odds of 100 for 1

Full House - One of the more common hands this pays out at odds of a modest 15 for 1

Flush - You should see quite a few of these as you play and the win odds are 10 for 1

Straight - This hand will get you paid out at odds of a reasonable 6 for 1

Three of a Kind - Three cards all of the same value will earn you a payout of some 4 for 1

Two Pair - A common enough hand gets you a payout at odds of 2 for 1

One Pair - Two matching cards will see you walk away with a payout of 2 for 1

Ace-King - This hand also pays out at odds of 2 for 1

Where To Play Cyberstud Poker

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