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Classic Pokie Machines

To help you track down the very best Best Online Pokies we would like to present to you the top Classic Pokies which can all be played online, do not forget that to compliment this series of articles we also have full listed for you the best Video Pokies plus the highest paying Progressive Pokies. Should you be looking for New Pokie Machines they when also have them all reviewed for you!

Heavy Metal Classic Pokie Machine
Heavy Metal Slot Game

The Heavy Metal Slot is a fairly standard three reel video slot and this particular game lets you choose from one to three paylines to play on each spin of the reels, the game can offers a 4000 coin jackpot for max coin players.

The reel symbols include single, double and triple bars which has been made to look like bullets and you will also find seven symbols along with the gun totting girl symbol who is the jackpot symbol.

Island Style Classic Pokie Machine
Island Style Slot Game

The Island Style Slot is set on a tropical islands and is one of the most basic slots in the Microgaming casino software, this offers a basic no frills game playing style and has one single payline in operation.

You can of course choose to play one, two or three coins per spin and the maximum jackpot payout for each of these setting is 800 coins, 1600 coins and 2400 coins respectively. If you like classic slots then this is a prime example of one.

Jack in the Box Classic Pokie Machine
Jack in the Box Slot Game

The Jack in the Box Slot offers just one payline however it does allow you to play either one or two coins per spin. This Microgaming powered classic slot offers the usual high payout percentages and pay backs.

To make the slot a little more exciting to play it also has a wild multiplier symbol, and if this symbol appears in any winning combination then that win will be doubled, should two wilds appears then that win is quadrupled.

Jet Set Classic Pokie Machine
Jet Set Slot Game

The Jet Set Slot is aimed at slot players who like simple slots to play that can also return some fairly decent sized winning payouts and this classic slot machine is very simple to play as it comes with no bonus feature rounds.

You may choose to play it with either one or two coins in play on each spin you make and a cone coin jackpot is worth 800 coins and a two coin jackpot is worth 1600 coins, it also has a wild multiplier symbol which can boost the payouts.

Jewel Thief Classic Pokie Machine
Jewel Thief Slot Game

The Jewel Thief Slot may not be the most attractive slot game found in Microgaming powered online casino but if you are looking for a no nonsense yet easy to play and master classic slot then this is worthy of your attention.

The slot offers a 6000 coin jackpot should you be playing each spin on a three coins per spin setting and a wild symbol is thrown in for good measure, the coin settings may also be adjusted to suit your budget.

Living in Luxury Classic Pokie Machine
Living in Luxury Slot Game

The Living in Luxury Slot offers you simple, classic slot machine action and this simple to play and easy to master slot has just one payline and the option to play two coins on each spin.

The slot offers a 800 coin jackpot for a single coin jackpot and 1600 coins is available as the jackpot payout for a two coin spin. Overall the slot is fast paced and colorful and also comes with a wild multiplier symbol in play.