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Scratch Cards

If you fancy a change of game then one range of casino games that is often overlooked by players are the Scratch Cards, there is quite a diverse range of these games available at Microgaming Casinos and they offer a more relaxed playing style than say the slots or video poker games. Many different themes are on offer and with fully adjustable stake levels and some excellent pay tables they could be well worth you checking out!

Online Scratchcard Games
Dawn of the Bread Scratchcard
Dawn of the Bread

The Dawn of the Bread scratch card will keep you entertained, and this rather comical game is based loosely around that all time classic zombie film which has a similar name!

The game is very easy to play and simply match any three of the symbols on the pay table and you could win one of several prizes that could see your stake level multiplied by up to 10000 times, which can add up to a mega payday!

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Foamy Fortunes Scratchcard
Foamy Fortunes

The Foamy Fortunes scratch card is quite a unique scratch card game which will see you popping bubbles as they appear on the screen, as is usual get your self three matching amounts and these will by used as they winning multiplier.

You can keep picking bubbles to pop until you reveal three of the rubber duck symbols, when you reveal three of them the game is over!

Freezing Fuzzballs Scratchcard
Freezing Fuzzballs

The Freezing Fuzzballs scratch card will have you wrapping up warm and heading to the Polar regions where you will go in search of three matching symbols.

These symbols are hidden behind ice cubes and you simply need to click them all and make them melt in the hops of getting three of them the same, a prize of up to 2500 times your stake is on offer.

Granny Prix Scratchcard
Granny Prix

The Granny Prix scratch card will have you smiling thanks to its rather wacky theme which is a bunch of dear old ladies taking part in a go kart race!

You need to pick a stake level then get scratching and should you manage to get three matching Grannies then you will win the corresponding amount as indicated on the pay table and this can be as high as 2500 times you staked level!

Hairy Fairies Scratchcard
Hairy Fairies

The Hairy Fairies scratch card has to be one of the funniest games of its type that you will come across as it features a cast of men floating around the screen.

These men are all "fairies" and we will let your own judgement on what type of fairies they are, and you need to pick them off the screen one at a time in the hope of matching three of the amount hidden underneath them!

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Lucky Numbers Scratchcard
Lucky Numbers

The Lucky Numbers scratch card lets you play not one but two games in one, so if you are looking for an extra chance of hitting a winning combination then this is the game for you!

The first game is a simple scratch and match one where you need to scratch six segments to try and match three multiplier amounts and the second one is a lucky number game where you need to reveal an 8 to win.

Mumbai Magic Scratchcard
Mumbai Magic

The Mumbai Magic scratch card is quite a mysterious game and here you will see a beautiful Indian Lady with a magic ball, and she will magically make symbols appear from this ball.

All you have to do is to get two matching symbols, and if you do you could see yourself winning one of the largest prizes offered by any scratch card game and that is a huge multiplier worth an amazing 20000 times your stake level!

Scratchcard Scratchcard

The Scratchcard scratch card is the original and some would say rather boring game from Microgaming, this one has been around for years and offers a very basic game play.

It has no real theme and all you need to do is to scratch off the six panels and if you are lucky enough to match three multiplier amounts then that is the prize that you are going to win, it is that simple!

Slam Funk Scratchcard
Slam Funk

The Slam Funk scratch card is not one of the best games to play if you are looking for a huge jackpot win as the top prize is just 250 times your stake.

But by having such a modest top prize this means you are going to get more chances of actually winning it, there are also a whole host of other prizes you can win for matching three of the character symbols.

Super Zeroes Scratchcard
Super Zeroes

The Super Zeroes scratch card features a cast of failed super heroes! They are the Super Zeroes yet don't let their failures put you off play this fun casino game.

A massive 10000 times your stake jackpot is on offer and as is normal for this kind of game you need to scratch the nine panels in the hope you can match three of them multiplier amounts hidden underneath each one.

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Turtley Awesome Scratchcard
Turtley Awesome

The Turtley Awesome scratch card is quite unique in as much as you will be presented with 12 Turtles all of which as surfing on the ocean!

You have to pick just nine of them and reveal the multiplier amount hiding behind each one, if you get three matching amounts then you stake amount is multiplied by that amount, the top prize is a huge 2500 times your stake level.

Whack a Jackpot Scratchcard
Whack a Jackpot

The Whack a Jackpot scratch card is based on the fun fair game of a similar name where you have to stand with a wooden mallet and hit the moles as they appear!

The aim is to get three matching multiplier amounts and then your stakes will be multiplied by that amount, but if you get three strikes, which is basically a mole with no value attached to it then the game is over.

Wild Champions Scratchcard
Wild Champions

The Wild Champions scratch card will see you going on your very own safari and you will come across all manner of different wild animal symbols.

The animals are all taking part in their very own Olympic Game type contest and you simply need to scratch off the six panels in the hope that you can match three of them, if you do you could win up to 250 times your stake.