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Bad Gamblers

The next part in our look into a gamblers mind we take a look at what makes a bad gambler, their are many things to look out for to make sure you do not fall into this category of player and we invite you to have a read through the different ways in which a player becomes a bad gambler, should you find yourself reading any of those listed and feel they are describing yourself or the way you play then make some positive steps to change and you will feel much better about gambling and yourself!

1. Thanks to the internet a wealth of information is available to you, many sites have message boards or forums where people can discuss topics that are of interest to them, one very common thing a bad gambler will do is to become a member of a gambling orientated forum and constantly right about their bad gambling sessions and how casinos online are not fair, this type of gambler is simply playing the wrong game or at the wrong stake, or simply does not have a clue about using the correct strategy for the game they have chosen to play!

2. A bad gambler is also one who will simply lose their head when playing, like a kid in a sweet shop they will always have to scatter their chips all over the roulette table or have to spin the slot reels for the highest stake level with total disregard to their bankroll, you know what they say a fool and his money are soon parted.

3. Bad Gamblers can also be spotted trawling the net looking for casinos who offer huge irresistible bonuses, without first of all carefully vetting that casino to ensure it is a stand up operation, a badly or poorly run online casino can offer mind boggling bonuses especially when they have terms and conditions that ensure you have virtually no chance of ever cashing out!

4. One common trait of a bad gambler is that they will often keep on playing, in the hope that a big win is just around the corner, this mentality is often the quickest way to the poor house, and as luck often comes in cycles continuing to play when you are on a losing streak will often cost you dearly!

5. Having the inability to make a withdrawal is another common thing that bad gamblers have in common, if you are sitting their thinking that you haven't make a cash out or withdrawal from a casino for ages then you really do need to take a long hard look at the way you are playing.

6. Becoming obsessed with a slot machines bonus game is another way you can quickly bust out your bankroll, by convincing yourself those free spins will eventually trigger and reward you with instant riches is a bad way to think and play, and you should never become convinced that by carrying on playing they will magically appear as often they do not or when they do they pay out poorly which will have you ranting even more!

7. Taking a break from playing is often something a bad gambler will never ever do, a savvy player will often stop playing and continue a gambling sessions at will, however a bad gambler will sit there for hours and hours until they are tired and often irrationally!

8. Having a life outside gambling is often something a bad gambler does not have, there is a big wide world out there and players should never forget this and you should allocated just a small amount of your time to gambling and live life to the fullest.

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