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Balancing Your Bankroll

You do not play slot machines either online or offline to lose, and this means you should learn how to balance your slot playing budget and bankroll, of you do not know how to control things you can very quickly bust out your allocated budget, so we put together our how to balance you bankroll guide below.

We have split this guide into different slot game groupings which you can see below, and you will find it easy to follow and understand and by becoming a more savvy player in terms of balancing your budget you stand a much better chance of a winning session.

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7 Oceans Slot Game

When playing 3 reel slot games such as the 7 Oceans Slot you should be aware that as this type of game has no bonus rounds to trigger then you are basing your budget over a longer term, so try and divide your bankroll into 100 units and then use this as your base amount on which you play each spin of the reels.

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Centre Court Slot Game

When you are trying to balance your bankroll when playing multi lined video slots such as the Centre Court slot, you are really aiming to have enough money in the kitty to hit at least one of its bonus rounds, on slots like this the number of spins between each bonus game will vary, but a good rule of thumb is to split up your budget into 150 and then use this as your stake level as this will give you a reasonable chance of winning at least one bonus feature.

Winning Wheels Slot Game

The Winning Wheels slot is a fruit machine and you need to be aware that these can be fairly volatile but you are assured of getting plenty of play for your money and a great number of bonus rounds and features triggering, try dividing your bankroll by 25 and using that as you stake for each spin you make. This means you could win a tidy sum should lady luck smile your way.

Wow Pot Slot Game

Progressive slots should be played with caution as a small amount of your stake is fed into the progressive jackpot and thus you will only get real value when you hit the big top prize, having said that slots like the Wow Pot game does offers low coin value setting which are fixed in place so even for a modest bankroll you could have a decent sized jackpot win.

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