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Winning at the Slots by playing your slot game better

Once you start to play slot machines online you will come across literally hundreds of different types of slot games, each come with different themes and pay tables and the majority of them boast unique bonus games which can be triggered as you play the base game.

If you have been bitten by the slot game playing bug and have seen your gaming budget gobbled up in no time at all you may be seeking to become a more savvy and educated slot game player, so with this in mind, and to give you a few pointers for improving your slot play time and more importantly improving your chances of a winning spin we have put together a few suggestions that may help you improve your game.

Playing slots at the right time

It may sound illogical at first but there is a right and a wrong time to play slots online, you should know exactly the right time to log on to play to get the best value from your bankroll, especially if you like playing slots as opposed to casino card and table games.

As each slot machine comes with a theme online casino operators often utilize the themes in their daily or weekly promotions and great value can be had by playing slots at the right time, as extra bonuses or comps can be awarded.

Scrooge Slot Game
Spring Break Slot Game

So for example if it is Summer, then look out for special promotions on slots such as Dolphin Coast or Spring Break, if it is around Christmas time then slots such as Scrooge and Deck The Halls often have special promotions attached to them, these little extras can add up to more play time and added value so keep your eyes peeled for them.

Avoiding cold slots

A slot game that isn't spinning in many winning combinations or is simply refusing to trigger its bonus games or features is often described as a cold machine, and you should learn what to look out for when a slot isn't offering you much play time, if after a dozen or so spins the slot is being tight and not doing much then take that as a sign that it may be in a cold phase a stop playing and move on.

As you play slots more and more you will soon get a feel for when a slot is cold, and one mistake players will make is that they will think they should continue to play until the slot loosens up and many will simply become obsessed with triggering a bonus round, even if they have had hundreds of spins between the last one.

Chasing winnings and bonus games is the fastest way to bust out your bankroll when playing slots both online and offline, if the slot ain't paying then you shouldn't be playing it, learning the art of stopping to play a cold slot will save you an expensive session.

Setting the correct stake and number of lines

You are going to want to receive the highest payout percentages and winning chances when you play any slot game, so the stake levels you are playing for coupled with the number of lines you play on each spin should be carefully chosen.

The best rule of thumb is to always play the maximum number of paylines that the slot offers, this way you are guaranteed to hit a winning combination should one spin in and also should that slot game offer a bonus round then you will be getting the best payouts it awards once triggered.

Choose a coin value setting that you can afford based strictly on your bankroll, you want as many spins as possible with the chance of hitting a least one bonus round, so try and divide you bankroll by 100 and use this as the maximum cost per spin, adjusting the coin settings accordingly.

Finally, know when to stop and call it a day, any profit is better than a loss, and many a savvy slot game player will hit the cash out button once they have managed to lock in a profit, so set yourself a realistic goal and once you reach this then make a withdrawal, don't think you can keep winning as large winning streaks occur rarely, so its best to play sensibly and learn to make more modest cash outs, this way you will enjoy playing slots more and more.

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