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Best Slot Strategy

More and more players are moving their slot playing action online, and thanks to players having the ability to play slots in a relaxed and unhurried atmosphere this means they are free to put into play their best slot strategy or slot strategies to give them the best winning chance, so below we will give you some pointers for putting together your very own slot strategy.

Bonus Hunting - Never be afraid of accepting a casino bonus, thanks to the generous nature of these casino bonuses they often enable you to give your starting bankroll a hearty sized boost thus allowing you a much longer slot spinning session and the chance of winning that illusive jackpot.

Staking Your Spins - Never underestimate the importance of correctly choosing a stake level to play each spin out on, players wanting a reason and modest chance of a decent sized session should divide their stake by 100 and use this as the value of each spin, for the more daring divide you bankroll by 25 and go for a chance of winning big!

Best 3 Reel Slot Strategy
Fruit Salad Slot Game
SDouble Dose Slot Game

Slot The Game Down - Not only do you want the chance of a large jackpot win when playing 3 reel slots but you want some decent play time, with this in mind we suggest you play at a nice relaxed pace thus allow you to enjoy the action.

Keep Moving Slots - Never put all your eggs into one basket when playing 3 reel slots, it often pays dividends to keep on moving slot games and playing different ones, as you will not end up playing a cold slot and losing all your bankroll on it and may find that illusive hot slot by swapping and changing machines.

Set Yourself A Limit - When playing slots discipline is very important so set yourself a winning goal and a stop loss limit and when you reach either log off and save your winnings for another day or limit your looses by stopping playing when you reach your stop loss limit.

Video Slot Strategy
Dragon Lady Game
Harveys Slot Game

Look Out For New Slots - You can often bag yourself a free bonus or a set amount of free games when a casino launches a new slot game so look out for any special promotions at the start of each month as this is when these new slots are launched, released and go live.

Bonus Games - Make sure you are fully aware of what the bonus games on video slot games do and operate as some offer true skill features and this is where getting some practice in when playing in free play mode can help improve your skills and help you get the best payouts and returns.

Bonus Game Chasing - Never, ever become adamant that you are going to trigger the bonus round, many a player have busted out by becoming totally engrossed in triggering these bonus features often to the detriment of their bankroll.

Fruit Machine Strategy
You Lucky Barstard Slot Game
Winning Wheels Slot Game

Game Play - Remember that fruit machines have a completely different game play structure to all other slot games, and they tend to return different payout percentages so do a little research to find the top paying games and save yourself playing a low paying one that offers low pay backs.

Stake Levels - You can of course adjust all of the stake levels to suit your budget when playing fruit machines online so one good strategy if to start playing for low stakes until you have mastered the slot!

Randomness - The only way you can guarantee a fair and honest slot is to only play those slot games and slot sites we list, as each one has verified and certified fair and honest random number generators, which ensures you have a fair chance of a winning session when you next log on to play.

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