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Bonus Game Chasing

If you are a fan of playing slot games that offer bonus rounds then there are a few ways of playing them to give you a winning chance or increasing the payouts that can often be quite large on you finally manage to trigger the bonus games.

However many slot players make the mistake of bonus game chasing, this means that when they are playing a slot game they religiously check upon how many spins they have made between there last bonus game was awarded and then become obsessed on getting another one.

Some players have gone hundreds and occasionally thousands of spins before finally triggering a bonus round only to find out once this bonus feature has been completed it has given them a very poor return on all of the money invested on that slot.

Bonus Game Chasing On 3 Reel Slots
Spectacular Wheel of Wealth Slot Game
Wheel of Wealth Slot Game

Not many 3 reel slot games offer any type of bonus round or feature, but two that do are the Spectacular Wheel of Wealth and the Wheel of Wealth, to be in with a chance of triggering the spin the wheel bonus feature you must be playing maximum coin spins.

Do not make the mistake of bonus game chasing on either of these two slot machines if you are playing less than the required maximum bet or you will be wasting your time as all none maximum bets that spin in the Spin symbol that triggers the bonus game will result in it not being awarded!

Bonus Game Chasing On Video Slots
Fearless Frederick Slot Game
Wheel of Wealth Special Edition Multiplayer Slot Game

If you want frequently triggering bonus rounds and features then allow us to introduce you to the Fearless Frederick slot game and the Flight Zone slot. These both come with regularly triggering bonus games than can allow you to win modest to high returns once you manage to trigger these bonus games.

A value piece of advice we can offer is that if you haven't hit a bonus game in around the 150 spins mark then maybe you should stop playing that slot game and try another one as it could have you bonus game chasing for hundreds of more spins!

Progressive Slot Bonus Chasing
Mega Moolah Summertime Slot Game
Mega Moolah Isis Slot Game

Make sure you checkout the Mega Moolah slots, which include both the Mega Moolah Isis, and the Mega Moolah Summertime slot games. Not only do both of them offer free spins bonus games but they also offer you the spin the wheel bonus round.

This is where you could win yourself one of four live progressive jackpots and if you are bonus game chasing then do not feel the urge to play maximum coin values on either of these slots as you could win any of these four progressive jackpots totally at random irrespective of the stakes you are playing for!

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