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Mathematics Behind Casino Bonuses

With competition now rife between online casino operators who all want you in their casinos and playing there are a whole slew of casino bonuses available to players, but not all of them are as good as they may first appear, so in this section of our website we will take a closer look at what each type of casino bonus has to offer and will let you know how to work out whether they are as good as they may first appear.

Before we do we have to point out that if you are indeed intending to accept any form of casino bonus, you must go through the terms and conditions of that bonus with a fine tooth comb, however this is often easier said than done as many casinos have pages and pages of terms and conditions that can often catch out the unsuspecting player.

The internet is full of stories of how one player or another managed to win a huge amount of cash whilst playing with a casino bonus only for their winnings to be voided out due to them breaking one of the terms and conditions that was attached to it, so always make sure you know where you stand before you accept any casino bonus.

Free Spins - Free Play Casino Bonuses

Many Online Casinos will offer you a free spins or free play casino bonus, the idea behind this sort of promotion is that you are given a certain amount of credits by the casino and/or given a certain amount of time to play, and then you can "keep any winnings" that you manage to make over and above your starting balance.

On the face of it getting several hundreds or even thousands of Dollars/Pounds or Euros in free cash and being able to keep the winnings is any gamblers dream however they are often not a good as they first seem.

Upon reading the small print you will find that you first have to make a certain number of wagers before you can keep the winnings (OK, that's fair), but then you are only permitted to "keep" a small proportion of any winnings (OK, that is not too bad), but then you are required to make a small deposit to activate this free cash (now it starts not looking as good), and then ultimately you have to play through your "winnings" and sometimes your deposit x number of times before you can then finally cash out.

This type of bonus is growing in popularity but a finer inspection of it reveals it is nothing but a drawn out version of a match bonus, and let's face it no casino is ever going to just give away money with no strings attached. Having said all that several players have managed to cash out some sizeable wins using this type of bonus so don't be put off accepting and taking part in them, but make sure you always abide by the rules.

Best Slots To Play With A Casino Bonus
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Cash Crazy Slot
Cash Clams Slot
Spring Break Slot
Reel Thunder Slot
Deposit and Match Bonuses

A deposit bonus or match bonus is the most common type of casino bonus you are going to come across, they have been offered since the inception of online gambling and as the name suggests you are given a bonus simply for making a deposit. The amount of this bonus is either the same amount as your deposit (match bonus) or a multiple of your deposit amount.

The upside of accepting this form of bonus is obvious and that is that you are going to be able to start playing the casino games with more money than you deposited but you will then have to comply with several requirements, and this is where reading the terms and conditions is critical.

You will often find a list of restricted games, these are games you cannot play on once you have been given a bonus (often video poker games, progressives and blackjack), you will then have to "play through" either your deposit amount, bonus amount or both a certain amount of times before you can cash out.

Some games often have a higher play though requirement, slots often count as 100% meaning if you have to play through a bonus for example 30 times and you have been given a $100 bonus then you must make at least $3000 in wagers/spins before you will be able to cash out any winnings, but if the game has a higher play through for example if Roulette only counts as 5% then you will have to make$60,000 in wagers before you can cash out!

You may also find certain bets for example even money paying wagers in Roulette are not permitted, and some deposit bonuses have a maximum permitted cash out, meaning you can only win a certain multiple of your deposited amount! This is where reading the terms and conditions plays a major part in working out whether a casino bonus is worth the effort.

To work out if a slot machine bonus offers you a winning chance you need to know the payout percentage of the game you are playing (slots are around 96%) then work out the play through requirements based on the amount you deposited, so if you got a $100 bonus and have to play just the bonus through 30 times then you should, on average lose $4 for every $100 wagered, therefore $4 x 30 = $120, so you would in this example, on average, lose your bonus and $20 of your deposited amount! But remember slots are unpredictable and you can often win and lose much more than this on any session!

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