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Certified Random Slots

Trust plays a major part in all online gambling related activities, and it is the player who must ultimately decide whether the casino at which they are intending to frequent is really worthy of their action, pick a good one and you will have a great time, pick a bad one and your nightmare ride could only just be beginning!

The basics of any slot machine are quite simple, in theory there are a certain number of reels containing any number of reel symbols and in essence this should directly equate to the payouts as displayed on the pay table, if that slot is completely random then by working out the odds of every reel position and symbol hitting and the payouts attached to these will give you an overall payout percentage.

In years gone by the old mechanical slot machines were simple to understand you simply inserted a coin which activated the handle and then by giving this a yank the reels would spin, the force of this action would result in the reels spinning and then finally coming to a stop.

But in an online casino you simply click the start or spin button and then this will send a request to a random number generator which will then release to your computer a set of figures which the casino software will then translate into reel symbols which will be displayed on your screen as symbols on the payline(s).

However as an online casino is simply software this can lead to all manner of accusations that slot machines are rigged or fixed to prevent players from getting a fair game and ultimately a winning session, in fact over the years several less than reputable casino software companies have been found to provide a rigged or less than honest game.

Ever alert to such scandals the leading online casino companies have gone to great lengths to ensure that their slot and casino games are beyond reproach and what the majority of them do is to have a third party inspect their gaming platform, random number generators and/or gaming logs and it is the results of this inspection that will enable you to be confident that all is well with their games.

Fair and Honest Slot Machines
Cashville Slot
Cool Buck Slot
Jurassic Jackpot Slot
Loaded Slot
Cashville Slot
Cool Buck Slot
Jurassic Jackpot Slot
Loaded Slot
Payout Percentages

Many casino software companies will display the return to player Payout Percentages in the casino games help files, some however look at this as a closely guarded secret and do not wish to have these facts and figures readily accessible for fear of copycats simply cloning and re-branding their games.

Many casinos online will however subscribe to an independent service whereby their gaming logs are handed over to a qualified third party company who simply analyze these figures each month and will report their findings which are displayed as a payout percentage verification certificate which is then displayed on the casinos own website.

By doing some research you will find that the slots featured on our website do return some generous pay backs which are constantly in the 96% to 98% range, which in the greater scheme of things is a fairly decent return.

Microgaming have gone one step further and now have what is known as a jackpot thermometer alongside every slot game inside their software, simply log into any of their casinos and scroll through the list of slot machines and you will see this thermometer clearly displayed.

The idea behind this device is to let you instantly see which slots are classed as "hot" meaning that game is currently paying out well, or conversely "cold" meaning the jackpot hasn't been hit recently. Players then need to decide whether they will play a hot slot machine in the hope that it will continue to payout well, or jump on a cold slot game in the hope that as it hasn't paid out its jackpot recently then it is overdue.

Play Safe Online

As you become more and more experienced at playing online slot games you will soon get a "feel" for your favourite slot machines, and as you play them more and more you will know whether the slot is currently in a hot or cold mode by the number of wins that are spinning in or the frequency of which the bonus rounds or bonus games are triggering.

If the slot isn't being very generous then however hard it can be, you should call it a day on that slot and move onto another, the fastest way to deplete your bankroll is by chasing your losses on any slot machine or by becoming obsessed on triggering an illusive bonus game.

Should a slot be in happy mode and firing out lots of winning combinations at you then always try to lock in a profit, make a cash out or put in place a good money management system that will stop you losing back those winnings!

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