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There is an old saying that says a change is as good as a rest and this is proven in the online gambling environment as there is no shortage of different casino games to add an extra bit of sparkle to your gaming sessions, with so many slot machine, tables games as well as card games you could be playing for days and never play the same game twice!

If you are a fan of nice and basic slot machines then it will be the classic slot games that will appeal to you, these have three reels and just the one single payline and hark back to the good old days when these types of slot games were the only ones you would find in a casino.

Once slot game designers started to get a little more adventurous they brought out a range of 3 reel slot games but with extra reel symbols in play such as wild symbols and special multiplier, there are now hundreds of 3 reel slots online which offer usually 3 or 5 paylines playable.

The next slot machine that was invented was the video slot machine, these did away with the mechanical reels and there is a big video screen where the reels used to be, these new slot games meant that you could now play multiple paylines on each spin of the reels.

Video slot game developers and designers then started to add extra features to the video slots and these games were known as bonus video slots on which you could trigger such games as free spins rounds or picking bonus feature rounds, so listed on our site (go and have a look) even offer you a gamble facility were you can try to double or quadruple the value of any win that spins in.

Progressive slot games over the years have taken the web by storm by virtue of the simple fact that a small proportion of all players stakes gets added to the jackpot prize pool and any one lucky player playing them could and do bag themselves some simply massive payouts.

There are also a range of parlour games which can add to your enjoyment and these include such classics as Keno or for the more adventurous how about trying some of the many scratch cards that can be played online, they offer various stake levels and much higher jackpots, look out for them when you next log on to play.

Table games are often a welcome diversion from playing slot machines and you cannot help but enjoy such games as Roulette, Craps or Sicbo, these games offer a plethora of betting opportunities that will keep you amused and entertained and who knows you may bag yourself a winning session.

Video Poker lets you play the age old classic game of poker and you only need to finish the game with a winning poker hand to be in line for a payout, these kinds of casino games offer the lowest house edge of any game and can be played for various stake levels online, and now you will also find a range of progressive video poker games all ready and waiting for you at many of our featured sites.

There are no shortage of card games available to play online so if games such as Blackjack float your boat then you are going to find a great many of them in all shapes and guises, and don't forget such classics as casino war and red dog poker which can all be played for free or for real money online, checkout any of our featured sites as they will all you you play for free or for real money.

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