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Slot Game Gamble Features Explained

For some people playing a slot machine is already a gamble, but on selected slot machines you can, whenever you have spun in a winning combination, opt to gamble it in the hope of increasing the value of the win, but being a gamble you do of course run the risk of losing!

It all depends what sort of slot machine player you are, if you are a cautious player who likes to play mainly for entertainment value then you will probably not be interested in this feature, but many players like slot games as they offer the chance of a big win usually when you are not expecting it.

Below we have delved a little deeper into the gamble feature that can be found on many different types of Microgaming slot games and will let you know both how it works and when it is best to throw caution to the wind and give this feature a try!.

Double or Nothing Gamble Feature

The most common type of gamble feature you are going to be offered is a simple double or nothing one, and to accept the gamble you will need to click on the gamble button which illuminates and is activated when you have spun in a winning combination on the base game of the slot you are playing.

Once you have clicked the gamble button a new screen will load and here you will be presented with the gamble game, in the centre of the screen you will see a face down playing card, you are simply tasked with guessing whether this card is Red or Black, once you have chosen which colour the card is simply click the Red or Black button, the card will then be turned face up and if you have guessed correctly then your win will instantly be doubled.

If, on the other hand you have made an incorrect guess then you will lose the value of the win you gambled and the gamble feature will end at this point.

Quadruple or Nothing Gamble Feature

For those players seeking the biggest returns then you will probably opt for the guess the suit of the face card gamble, a correct guess when playing this versions of the gamble feature will quadruple the value of your win.

Once again you need to click on the gamble button that will come into play once you have spun in a winning combination on the slots base game then when this gamble feature loads you can then opt to pick whether the face down card is either a Diamond, Heart, Club or Spade, guess correctly and you will have your win boosted by four times its value, an incorrect guess will of course result in you losing the win!

Previous Cards Displayed

As a guide once you have taken part in the gamble feature the last batch of cards awarded on this bonus game will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, this however is for information purposes only and will not have any effect on the next card to be drawn from the pack.

Try not to let the previous cards drawn have any influence over your decision on what the next card drawn will be, an often made mistake is to see, for example, several Red cards being displayed and then the player will become convinced the next card drawn must be a Black, each card is drawn randomly so previous cards drawn will have no effect over the next one to be displayed.

Gamble Limit

The majority of slot machines found on our website which have the gamble feature will allow you to gamble any winning combination that spun in on the base game up to five times, or until such a time that you reach the maximum gamble limit. Once you reach this limit then the slot will automatically collect your winning for you and add it to your credit meter.

If you accidently click on the gamble button you will be given the option of collecting your win by clicking on the collect button displayed, this will then bank your winnings and remove you from the gamble feature game.

When to Gamble your winnings

Knowing when to gamble any winnings that have appeared is a tricky question to answer as every player is different, but you should tend to use this feature sparingly as a fatal mistake is for players to become obsessed with it and a series of losing gambles will result in your slot budget and bankroll becoming quickly depleted, so only use it once in a while is the best tip we can give you.

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