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Gamblers Persona

No one likes being placed into a box or being described as a certain type of person, but when it comes to gamblers there are several instantly recognized ways in which they play their chosen casino game that will indicate what sort of gambler persona they posses, in this article we take a look at the most common types of gamblers personas, have a read through it and see if you recognise yourself!

A compulsive gambler is one who cannot walk passed any type of gambling opportunity, they will often gamble with money they cannot afford to lose or take huge risks with their hard earned cash in the hope that they will finally hit that big illusive jackpot, and even if they do hit the big one it isn't long before they have lost it all back!

Loss chasers are another type of gambler, and they will keep a track of their previous losses in the back of their mind and become convinced that they will win this back and more when they next sit down to play, chasing your losses is one of the worst ways of playing and can often lead to that player getting above their head in the amount of money they are gambling

Another type of gambler is the know it all, no one likes to meet this type of play but alas in most land based casinos there is at least one of them, they will sit with you at the Blackjack table or next to you when you are playing slots and will heckle as well as bark out how they would have played that hand or spin of the reels, the best way to handle such players is to either ignore them, walk away from them, or even ever so politely tell them to shut up!

The penny player is a lovable type of player who will quite happily sit at a slot game or card or table game and play for the lowest stake levels possible, they are simply looking for a low cost way of passing sometime and are often quite colorful characters who are interesting to chat too and converse with, they are not obsessed with winning and are simply playing for some entertainment.

The number cruncher is another type of gambling persona, and this kind of player will know the game they are playing inside out, they will have studied books, films and playing guides till they can repeat them word for word, this type of player often likes a gamble on the horses or greyhounds and will spend hours studying form, this kind of player can be very helpful to know when you are unsure of what type of move to make when playing most casino games!

Another type of gambling persona and one you will best avoid is the "everything is fixed" type of player, this player will be totally and utterly convinced that whatever game they are playing has been rigged in the casinos favour, whenever they are dealt a losing hand or have a losing spin on the slot reels then it is down to the house cheating them and no just bad luck! Steer well clear of this kind of player or it may rub off on you.

The lurker is another type of gambling persona and this player will get right on your nerves if he happens to stand behind you, he isn't usually a player but has a strange affliction that means he will stand there watching how you play like a lion about to pounce on its prey!

The happy go lucky gambler is what everyone should strive to be, knowing how to play the casino game they have chosen and more importantly knowing when to stop playing when they have won makes this type of player laid back and good fun to be around.

If you recognise any of the above gamblers personas in yourself ask yourself is that how I want to be? If it a negative type of persona then make a few chances to the way you play and lighten up a little and learn to gamble in a more fun and friendly kind of way, it can often pay dividends.

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