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Megaspins Depleting Your Bankroll?

We suppose we better start by telling you what exactly Mega Spin slots are and how they work. They are simply slot games that allow you to play many slots all at the same time, these slot however are all of the same type and currently there are four of them available online.

Before you start to play any of them you need to choose a stake level for each spin, then you need to choose how many games you wish to play on each spin, you can select to play either four, six or nine game per spin, one of these slots only lets you play six game per spin and that is the Major Millions Mega Spin slot (see below for slot descriptions)

Once you have chosen both your stake levels and number of games you then simply hit the spin or start button, then the slots will all play out one at a time on the screen, all winning combinations are paid out on the completion of the spins.

But as you can in effect play nine slot machines on each spin this obviously means you are going to either lose nine times as quickly as you normally would or conversely win nine times as quickly, so as you can see these slots are not for every body!

However if you have ever been to a land based gambling venue be it casino or amusement arcade you will no doubt have seen players playing more than one slot machine at a time, but not all on the same machine, so if your bankroll and nerves can handle it then these slot may be for you, but be warned they can be very volatile so are only for hardened slot players who soon want to know their fate without a long drawn out session!

One thing these slots are good for is when you have a casino bonus and wish to play it through quickly, as the slots are both volatile and will also plough through your bankroll in no time at all, should you wish to use them in this way then ensure that you can indeed play these types of slots with a casino bonus and you are good to go.

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Current Range of Mega Spin Slots

Major Millions Mega Spin - This slot offers a progressive jackpot as its top prize payout and as it is a fixed stake game you will have to play on coin levels of 1.00, you can play up to three coins per game to be in with a chance of winning the progressive and as there are six games playable on each spin then this maximum bet spin will set you back 18.00. If you are a hardened progressive slot game player then this is one game you will be interested in, but due to the cost of a maximum bet spin being very high you will need a huge bankroll to play it.

Double Magic Mega Spin - You can play 4, 6 or 9 spins on each game and this slot can be played for one or two coins per game, and with coin levels fully adjustable from just 0.10 up to an including 5.00 it will appeal to both low and high rollers alike, it comes with a jackpot of 1600 and also has a wild multiplier symbol to help complete even more winning combinations.

Fantastic Sevens Mega Spin - This game lets you play three coins per game and the coin levels can be adjusted from 0.10 to 5.00, the jackpot is some 2500 coins and no special reel symbols are in play.

High Five Mega Spin - This has to be one of the most volatile of all Mega Spin slots it is built upon the High Five game and this can be played as a 1, 2 or 3 coin game and thanks to its huge 15000 coin jackpot you can win some serious money on it. The slot also has a wild multiplier symbol and by getting one of them in a winning combination the value of that win is multiplied by five, but get two in a winning combination and that win is worth twenty five times its usual value.

Playing Mega Spin Slots

One thing to bear in mind whenever you play a Mega Spin slot is that it is possible, however very rare it will happen, to win a jackpot on each game you play so in effect you could win nine jackpots on each game. The payout percentages for these machines are all in the high 90% range so you will get the usual good value for money as you play them.

Should you fancy giving them a whirl for free then they can all with the exception of the Mega Spin Major Millions slot be played in free play mode. This will let you put them through their paces, and it is worth pointing out that both the free play and real money modes play out in exactly the same way with the payout percentages being identical, and therefore by playing for free you will get a true feel for the slot machines playing and paying style.

As far as playing hints and tips go for playing Mega Spin slots the best piece of advice is to get out of the game quick should you be lucky enough to hit a decent win, if you don't due to the very fast paced nature of these types of slots you bankroll will indeed deplete rather rapidly! So spin in some decent hits and hit that withdrawal button rather sharpish!

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