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Money Management

Ask anyone who plays any time of gambling system what is the major point of their structure and they will always tell you it is a tight money management system. This means they always know how much they want to win, the maximum they are prepared to lose and when to call it a day and walk away.

A money management system is nothing to be afraid of it just lets you get more enjoyment out of playing instead of going on gut feeling and blowing caution to the wind, become good at money management and you will walk away from more slot sessions in profit.

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7 Oceans Slot Game

With a plethora of different 3 reel slot games available such as the 7 Oceans Slot you need to put in place a very strict money management when playing them as they can occasionally through up some very large wins when you play this kind of slot in a small amount of time. When you win double your initial bankroll call it a day and cash out.

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Centre Court Slot Game

Video slot players who like such slots as the Centre Court slot need a flexible money management system, and one way many players tend to play this kind of slot is to up your stake when the slot is hot, i.e. throwing in lots of winning combinations and or bonus rounds, the idea behind this is you can ride out that winning streak and then stop playing when you notice the wins or bonus games ceasing to appear.

Winning Wheels Slot Game

The Winning Wheels fruit machine like all other fruities calls for a very structured money management system and when you play this kind of game you need to be aware that as they are programmed to return a certain payout percentage and based on the game play structure then when you win big, stop playing immediately as a large win or series of jackpots will affect the future payout values.

Wow Pot Slot Game

You are going for bust or glory when you play a progressive slot game such as the Wow Pot game, here you need to really through auction to the wind and your money management system would indicate only playing a small amount of your bankroll on this kind of slot as you will have more less rewarding sessions when playing any kind of progressive slot.

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