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Most Annoying Slots

Some slots that you will find online may drive you mad, the most annoying slots we could find are listed below and we will tell you why playing them may drive you to distraction, so if you like to keep clam and collected whenever you are playing slot games then maybe you should give these slots a wide berth!

Sneak a Peek Doctor Doctor Slot Game

The Sneak a Peek Doctor Doctor slot game can be a very annoying slot to play due to how you trigger one of the bonus games. This involves you spinning in a bonus symbol on reel one but then spinning into the same reel position on reel five another bonus symbol, the number of near misses will drive you nuts!

Sneak a Peek Hunky Heroes Slot Game

The Sneak a Peek Hunky Heroes slot is a very similar slot to the one above but this one features a cast of stripping menfolk instead of women which appear when those symbols line up as mentioned above, so to save your sanity its best to avoid this slot.

Magic Spell Slot Game

The Magic Spell slot game is another of our annoying slot games and the reason it has pride of place on our listing is that the bonus game is based in a library where you have to pick books to reveal a prize, you can often finish this bonus game winning very little if you pick the wrong book and that very fact is worthy of its position here!

Bars and Stripes Slot Game

The Bars and Stripes slot is another slot game which will have you picking things off the screen, however once you make your selection the slot shows you what you could have won if you had picked any of the other items, and more often than not you picked the worst one!

Pollen Nation Slot Game

The Pollen Nation slot game is sometimes a very annoying slot game to play as this one also features a picking round feature but this one has a few stop symbols scattered around and you can keep picking until you reveal this symbol, you guessed it you often pick this symbol on one of your initial spins and walk away virtually empty handed!

Gift Rap Slot Game

The Gift Rap slot game is identical to the Pollen Nation slot above in as much as it has the same sort of bonus round, you can wait an absolute age to trigger it and when it does you can blow your chances of a big win by picking the wrong item off the screen so best give this slot a miss also unless you have money to burn!

My Slot Slot Game

The My Slot slot game is worthy of a position on the most annoying slot list due to you being able to load your own pictures onto the screen, so make sure you do not use people you dislike as they will be there staring at you as you play the slot and no one wants reminding of people you hate! Or love for that matter as they make make you lose your bankroll if they don't line up!

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