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Playing Online Slots For Pennies

As the current financial climate has affected everyone many players are cutting back on their gambling budgets and this had led to many players now discovering the joy of playing online slot machines for just one penny per spin, and don't think this is a boring and futile actively as even penny sot players can walk away with some decent sized winning sessions.

The best slots to play for just one penny per spin have to be the video slots, as it is these that offer Bonus Games, rounds or features which can offer the best returns, and as you are getting 100 spins for your Dollar, Pound or Euro you are assured of triggering plenty of bonus games!

To set any online video slot as a penny machine you simply need to adjust the coin values to one penny and then play just one active pay line on one coin per spin and away you will go, you will however miss lots of winning combinations on lines you have not activated but that is the nature of the beast by being a penny slot player!

As most video slot bonus games are triggered on or around the 100 to 150 spin mark you will get plenty of these appearing even on a very modest deposit, and as some progressive video slot games, namely the Mega Moolah series of slots can pay the progressive jackpots at random you could even walk away with a mind boggling jackpot if Lady Luck saddles up close to you!

One common way for penny slot players to play is for them to slowly increase the number of lines they are playing at random in the hope that they can trigger a winning combination spinning in when they are playing on more lines, so bear that in mind as it may be one strategy you wish to try. If you are seeking to track down some of the best paying penny slots then keep on reading!

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Oriental Fortune Slot
Big Kahuna Slot
Golden Dragon Slot
5 Reel Drive Slot
Best Paying Penny Slots By Number of Optional Paylines

5 Line Penny Slot - The High Life slot game from Microgaming is a 5 line slot game which can be played as a penny slot, and this one has a Free Spins bonus game and a top base game jackpot worth some 1500 coins which means you could win a jackpot of $//€15, which can be boasted up if you hit the jackpot during the free spins round.

9 Line Penny Slot - The slot game you should be looking to play is the Mega Moolah Summertime slot machine as this one has a progressive jackpot bonus game which is triggered at random and even penny slot players have a chance of winning one of four of its live progressive jackpots.

15 Line Penny Slot - You will need to track down and play the Mega Moolah 5 Reel Drive slot game which just like the game above offers penny slot players the chance of hitting one of four live progressive jackpots on every spin made.

20 Line Penny Slot - The cashville slot game is one of the older generation of video slots, and whilst it does not offer any free spins bonus round it does offer a bonus pick 'em style round, but the best part is the jackpot which is worth 50,000 coins which means penny slot players could win $//€500 on its base game!

25 Line Penny Slot - There are two different penny slot games worth trying in this section and these are the original Mega Moolah slot and the new Mega Moolah Isis slot games, both have the four live progressives that can be won at any minute by any player including penny players.

30 Line Penny Slot - The Mad Hatters slot game offers a top prize of some 30,000 coins which will equate to be healthy penny slot playing jackpot worth $//€300 and with both free spins and a pick 'em styled bonus round you will get plenty of entertainment value.

40 Line Penny Slot - Boogie Monsters is the slot for you if you are looking for a 40 pay line slot that will allow you to play just one line per spin at a cost of a penny per game, it has a jackpot for penny players of 5000 coins which works out at $//€50 in cash.

50 Line Penny Slot - We now have a Christmas themed slot game for you if you are seeking to play just one line at a penny per spins on a 50 payline slot, this game is Scrooge and with a jackpot worth 6000 coins you could walk away with $//€60 for your penny stake!

100 Line Penny Slot - Finally for everyone seeking a 100 pay line slot game which will let you activate just one of them on a penny per game we introduce the Cashapillar slot game, this has a free spins bonus round and a modest jackpot for penny slot players that is worth $//€20

Fruit Machine Penny Slot - Alas none of the Fruit Machines from Microgaming will let you play for just one penny per spin, but they can be played for 10 pennies per game, and which some fairly decent sized jackpots worth up to 2000 times your stake you could be in the money if you decide to give them a try. They all come with multi bonus features that will keep you entertained and each one offers a great playing style, so make some time in your day to check them out.

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