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Free Spins Explained

If you have been living in the dark ages or are visiting planet Earth from another Galaxy and you are blissfully unaware of what Free Spin Slot games are then allow us to tell you! They are simply slot machines that offer a bonus game which when triggered awards you a set of free spins, these are simply a pre determined number of free games on that slot that as their name suggest won't cost you anything to play when triggered but can and do help you build up a big balance as many of them come with multiplier values.

Below are some of the most popular and most played Free Spin slot game found online along with a better description of what each respective slot game offers once you do indeed finally trigger the free spins bonus game.

Standard Free Spin Slots

The most basic type of free spin slot machine will simply award you with a number of free spins once you spin in the required number of scatter symbols, these will play out an a certain multiplier value and often these free spins can be re-triggered should you spin in another set of the required number of scatter symbols as you play the free spins out.

One slot machine that offers this type of bonus round is the Cabin Fever slot game which is well know for giving you plenty of re-triggers when the slot is in a good mood!

Free Spin Slots With Random Multipliers

The next type of free spin awarding slot games you are going to come across is those that offer you not a pre set multiplier amount but a random one. At the end of each free spin should you have one of more winning combinations on the reels then a random multiplier amount will be displayed and this is then multiplied by the win amounts and awarded to you as a cash prize.

The slot you should track down for this type of free spin bonus game is the Avalon Slot machine which awards free spins which play out on a random multiplier that can boost winning combinations by up to seven times their normal values.

New Free Spin Slot Machines
Robin Hood Feathers of Fortune
Feathers of Fortune
Silver Fang
Silver Fang
Soccer Safari
Soccer Safari
Pick Your Own Free Spins

Some slot games will let you pick how many free spins you wish to receive and on what multiplier value these free spins will play out, often the lower the number of free spins you opt to play you will be given a higher multiplier value.

The Loaded slot is a good example of this type of free spins bonus game and once you trigger it you can select to play either 24 free spins on a x2 multiplier or 16 free spins on a x3 multiplier or 12 free spins on a x4 multiplier value.

Click To Reveal Free Spins

Some slot will make you participate in a pick 'em style game before your free spins allocation is revealed, you will be presented with various icons on your screen and you must pick one of them and then your free spins and also the multiplier value that they will play out on will be revealed.

Should this type of video bonus slot game interest you then you should track down the Dragons Loot game which has one of these free spins bonus rounds available and it is triggered when you spin in three or more of the scattered Dragon symbols anywhere in view. Once you do you are presented with five piles of cash and you need to pick one to reveal your free spins and multiplier amount.

Free Spins Plus Cash Bonus

A handful of slot games will not only award you with free spins and a multiplier amount which they will play out on but some will also award you an additional cash bonus on each free spin you make, this guarantees you will win something even if you don't spin in many winning combinations during the free spins round.

This Cashanova slot game will let you win both free spins on a multiplier and also you will be awarded a cash bonus amount on each free spin made, this bonus amount is not multiplied by the multiplier amount but it ensures you win something during this bonus game.

Highest Number of Free Spins

How do you fancy winning 100 free spins, well this is possible if you play the Gladiator slot game and once you manage to spin in at least three scatter symbols anywhere in view then 100 free spins will be all yours! This slot is a 50 pay line slot machine and therefore once the free spins are awarded you will have a huge chance of spinning in plenty of winning combinations.

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