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Playing at no cost winning for real

Now then, we thought the subject of this slot game guide would interest you! We have compiled the following article as many slot players are looking for ways to be able to play slots for free but want to also have the added chance of winning for real when they play these slots at no cost.

So ever eager to give you as much information as possible to help you get the best value for money when playing slots online we suggest you take a good read through and take note on what we are about to tell you, as there really are ways of playing slots for free but give you the ability of winning for real!

Making Use Of A Welcome Bonus

The first way to play slots for free but win for real is a no brainer, and that is for you to checkout several of our featured online casinos that we have dotted around our website as each one will give you a special welcome bonus when you first sign up to that particular casino.

They could offer you a free one hours free play bonus, and this allows you to play any of their many slot games with the casinos won money and then if you end the session, whilst adhering to their rules then you can keep all of a proportion of your winnings.

Gopher Gold Slot Game
The Adventures of Galactic Gopher Slot Game

Another way to play slots for real and yet still have the chance of walking away with real money winnings is to accept a no deposit required casino bonus, these are given away by many online casinos and will let you play the slots at no risk and ten any winnings are yours to keep!

Slot Tournaments A Great Way To Win

One way of playing slots completely free of charge and still get the chance of winning a tidy sum of money whilst never putting your own money at any sort of risk is to take part in many of the free slot tournaments that are offered by the majority of our featured casinos.

You are given a set of free play credits in these free roll tournaments and you then get to play the slot games until either your timer reaches zero or you run out of credits.

If you manage to win more than all the other entrants into the free slots tournament then you will be given some free casino cash, the amounts you can win are displayed on the slot tournaments prize pool ladder and this money is sponsored by the casino you are playing at.

Win By using Slot Comps

Each casino online have what are known as comp clubs, these are simply a loyalty type scheme whereby the casino will reward you with free casino credits based on how much you have wagered on any of their casino games in your previous sessions.

Many players tend to be oblivious to the fact that all of their real money action in the casino is earning them these comp points, but as long as you are playing and it doesn't matter if you are winning or losing you will still be able to earn these comp points.

Once you have saved up enough comp points then you can quickly and instantly exchange them for your totally free casino credits and this will allow you to sit down and play with free cash, and this could result in you having a winning session at no additional cost to yourself.

Also ongoing free spins promotions are offered by most casinos and this is a special additional bonuses awarded by casinos thanking you for your customer, so make sure you always checkout the promotions page of the casino you are playing at for information on their current crop of special promotions.

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