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Playing Slots To Win

Wouldn't life be sweet if you could log onto your favorite casino online each day and guarantee you are going to walk away a winner, well alas due to this being impossible due to the nature of online slots you will have little chance of doing that but there are a few things you can do to increase your chance of winnings.

Knowing some valuable playing hints and tips is what is needed if you want to learn how to win playing slots so in this section of our website we have put together a simple to follow guide that will point you in the right direction in your quest to win when playing slot games.

Know Your Slot Game

The first thing you should do when you are picking a slot machine to play online is to know everything there is to know about that particular slow game, some have complicated bonus rounds and if you don't know how these work or how to get the best value from them this can affect the value of your winning potential.

Below are a couple of video slot games that on the surface just look like your standard video slot game, there are however a few different things you should be doing when you play either of them to be in with a chance of walking away a winner and in profit.

Scrooge Slot Game
Spring Break Slot Game

The Spring Break has a free spins bonus game on offer and this is one of the older video slot games, so the best ways to play this slot is to ensure you are playing all the paylines is offers and this will enable you to get the best payouts when the bonus round triggers, and as these free spins can re-trigger you want to get the high pay backs when this occurs, you could miss out on a fortune if you are only playing one or two paylines on each spin!

The Scrooge slot machine also offers a free spins bonus round but you amass free spins as you play the base game, you will also get an idea of when the free spins are about to trigger as you also amass days on a calendar on the base game and when this reaches the 25th of December on the on screen calendar the bonus game is triggered and thus the free spins you have accumulated are awarded.

This is another video slot game that should always be played on static number of paylines in between free spin rounds as if you make the mistake of altering the number of lines played or even the stake values then this is reflected during the free spins bonus game and that fact could reduce the value of your winning free spins.

Play Slots That are New

Each month online casinos have a range of new slot games added to their gaming suite and although these slots have the same payout percentages through their online life time (unlike land based casinos who tend to give them high payout percentages for a few days/weeks when they are new) you can have some added value playing these new online slots.

This is due to these online casinos wishing to tell the world just how good these hot new slots are and they will usually flip their army of players extra or even free spins bonuses to play them, so keep your eyes peeled for these special offers and you could be in the money!

Always Play Maximum Bets

When you are playing any type of online slot game it is very important that you always play max bets, this is critical on most online progressive slots as to be in with a chance of winning the jackpot you usually always have to be playing maximum bet spins.

The few 3 reel slot games that come with a special little bonus round also usually require you to play maximum bets on each spin to be in with a chance of triggering the bonus game, and as these can and do payout some large wins you never want to miss out on them.

Video slots that have a plethora of difference bonus rounds or features are often weighted in such a way that those players playing maximum bets on each spin will get much better payouts and pay backs, so always try and crank up you bet to the maximum amount required.

Don't think that by playing maximum bet spins that this will be expensive as most slots online let you adjust the stakes levels to as low as 0.01 thus meaning a maximum bet spin will not necessarily cost you a fortune.

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