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Regular and Random Slots

All slots are basically in random, but there are many different definitions of the word random, casino slot games for example have a random number generator in place to churn out a series of random events to ensure these kind of slots are unpredictable.

The other types of slot games you are going to come across are listed below and as you will soon find out some, namely the fruit machine type slot games are random but can often be predictable meaning you can often find out when they are about to pay.

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Belissimo Slot

Even though single line classic slots such as Belissimo are completely random, many of these types of games now come with wild multiplier which can increase the value of winning payouts when these symbols help to complete a payline win, however such slots can be very volatile which means they either give lots of huge wins in a short period of time or no big payouts for ages.

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Crazy 80s Slot Game

Many of the older video slot machines are weighted which means you will only get the best payouts and pay backs if you play it with all the paylines activated. Most of the newer slot games such as Crazy 80s are completely random and you have just as much chance of winning a jackpot playing one line as you do playing multiple coins on one line. But playing more lines means you can increase the overall odds of a big payline win.

Fire N Dice Slot Game

One type of regular slot game is the fruit machine or awp games as they are known, these come with a preset payout percentage and are heavily weighted which means they are not random as most other slots are. Due to the game play structure games such as Fire N Dice will go through winning and losing cycles based solely on how much have been won and lost on the slot, so a fruit machine that hasn't paid out recently will do so soon.

Major Millions Slot Game

All progressive slot machines such as the Major Millions Slot are 100% random, and as they have an ever growing top prize payout you could strike gold at any minute. However the progressive isn't won very regularly on this slot and hence the jackpot can and does reach some dizzy heights, so never be lured into playing it until the jackpot gets higher than it usually does.

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