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Savvy Punter - Being A Better Player

When is comes to playing any form of gambling game whether it be Blackjack or slot machines being a more educated player can make or the difference when it comes to winning, and in this article we take a look at some tricks of the trade which players can put into place to help them become a more savvy punter and try and turn the odds to their advantage.

Any gambling game will have a house edge, this is a figure of all wagers placed on that game which is defined as a percentage of the stakes placed upon that game which the house would expect to make during the life time of that particular game.

Take slot machines for example the house edge or as it is more commonly known on these type of games can be worked out by finding out what the payout percentage of that game is set to, so if a slot has a payout percentage of 96% then the house can expect, over the life time of that game to make 4% of all stakes inserted and played on that slot.

Most savvy punters will avoid slot games as they find the house edge too high, however as most players like to play slots for one reason or another then the best thing to do if you want to play them is to find slots with the highest payout percentage as these will reduce your chances of losing (but not eradicate this risk), however knowing what the payout percentages are for slot games can be difficult as they are not commonly known, but a little research will let you track them down.

So tip number one for becoming a savvy punter is to play games which offer the lowest house edge and conversely the highest payout percentages.

Casino Bonuses can be a minefield due to the terms and conditions of these bonuses, however by ensuring you abide by the rules and by picking only those bonuses that offer you a sporting chance of a winning session they can be quite useful.

A savvy punter will study the rules of any bonus very carefully and do some simple maths to decide whether they offer you an increased chance of winning or at least helping to reduce even further the house edge of the game they are intending to play.

So tip number two for becoming a savvy punter is to check each and every bonus you are thinking of accepting very carefully to ensure you are getting true value from them, bonuses can be risky due to the play through requirements attached to them, but every now and then a generous one will come along and the art of winning is spotting them when these opportunities appear.

Our final tip for becoming a savvy and more educated player is not to get too greedy, although the aim of gambling is to walk away a winner, the odds are always against you and many time players will build up a large bankroll when they hit a winning streak but will end up playing and losing it all back.

Learn to put stop loss and win limits in place and the savvy punter will always know when to stop play, even though we know it is hard to walk away when you are winning as you will think you can keep riding your luck streak for ever, this will not happen and those winning streaks can turn bad at any moment, so when you are in profit keep it that way and walk away!

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