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Bonus Game Types

People play slot machines in the hope they will win, yes they may want some fun and entertainment value out of their gambling budget but the main reason is to actually show a profit at the end of their gaming session. Video bonus slots obviously offer players the chance of winning but to enhance their game play they also offer a wide range of bonus games that can and do trigger as you play the base game.

With literally hundreds if not thousands of video bonus slots available online you can often find yourself confused about the bonus rounds and bonus games that can be awarded as you play these types of slots, so below we will enlighten you to some of the most common type of bonus games you will come across and give you an insight into what they are on how they play out.

Spin The Wheel Bonus Games

The most basic bonus game you will come across is the Spin The Wheel type bonus round, this once triggers presents you with a wheel which is split into different sections, all you need to do is to click the spin button and the wheel will begin to spin, when it finally stops you will win the amount highlighted.

A few 3 reel slot machines offer this bonus game and these are the Free Spirit Wheel Of Wealth, the Wheel Of Wealth slot game.

Also this type of bonus round is also offered on the Mega Moolah series of progressive slots, at the end of any one spin you make you may randomly be awarded this feature, once you do you spin the wheel and are guaranteed to win one of four live progressive jackpots!

Best Bonus Game Slots
Robin Hood Feathers of Fortune
Feathers of Fortune
Silver Fang
Silver Fang
Soccer Safari
Soccer Safari
Pick 'Em Bonus Games

This sort of bonus round is the most popular and the majority of video slots offer this type of bonus game, once triggered you simply have to click on one or more of the items presented on you and each one will reveal a bonus cash amount which you will win, some allow you a certain amount of picks and some will let you keep on picking until you reveal some form of stop symbol.

Age Of Discovery Slot - This slot offers a pick 'em type game which is triggered for getting 3 or more Compass symbols anywhere in view, once triggered you keep on picking areas off a map and you can win up to 32,250 coins.

Gift Rap Slot - This is another pick 'em type bonus video slot and this one too offers you the chance of winning up to 32,250 coins in the simple to play bonus game, it is triggered for getting three or more of the scatter symbols anywhere in view.

Pick 'Em Bonus Games

Some video slots let you take part in a board game type bonus round once you trigger the bonus game, and in these types of game you simply spin a wheel/reel to reveal a number, or roll a dice and whatever number is revealed will move you further along the board. The further you go the bigger and better prizes you are offered.

Big Kahuna Snakes and Ladders - The bonus game on this slot is launched by getting a Snakes and Ladders symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5 all at the same time, once triggered you roll a dice to reveal a number and you work your way up the board, you can win 100 times your stake if you manage to make it all the way up to the top, and with ladders to help you it isn't as hard as it seems, but avoid the snakes as just like in the board game landing on these will send you back down the board.

Scratch Card Bonus Games

You will have probably bought a scratch card at one time or another and the concept is fairly simple, you simply scratch off the panels on the card and if you get three matching symbols or cash amounts then that card is a winner and you win the respective amount, well this type of gambling game has now been added to a couple of video slots and is found on their bonus games, here are just a couple of these types of slots that offer this bonus round.

Sneak a Peek Hunky Heroes - This is for all you Ladies out there as once you get a Sneak a Peek symbol anywhere on reel 1 and then manage to get another Sneak a Peek symbol on the corresponding reel position on reel 5 both at the same time the bonus game is launched, here you are presented with a scratch card and you simply need to scratch off 12 of the possible 15 areas and when you do you will reveal items and for every three matching ones you will increase the multiplier amount, and, as some added eye candy, the on screen hero will remove some clothing!

Sneak a Peek Doctor Doctor - This slot is identical to the above one except it is aimed at all you guys out there as the person who strips off is a female Doctor!

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