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Online Slot Game Terms

The number of terms and saying used in and around the casino can often be confusing, more so if you opt to play slot games. So to help you in your quest to get your head around many of the more commonly heard and used slot terms and sayings we have compiled a simple and easy to follow guide.

All Ways Slots - These are slot games that don't have the standard paylines, when playing this kind of slot machine you are covering every single combination that you can see on the reels. The number of lines you are covering on each spin can be 243, 1024 or even a whopping 3125!

Any Way Slots - The vast majority of slot games found online have pay tables based on you getting a winning combination starting on reel one, i.e. they pay from left to right. Some slots however are classed as Any Way slots and these will payout from left to right and right to left.

3 Reel Slot Game Terminology
Fruit Salad Slot Game
SDouble Dose Slot Game

Classic Slot - A Classic Slot game is a 3 reel slot machine that has just the one single payline, this kind of slot offers no bonus games and is a very simple to understand and play slot.

Fruit Machine - A Fruit Machine (or A.W.P. - Amusement With prizes) is based around the UK style of slot games they come with usually just one payline and offer bonus features such as holds and nudges.

Max Bet - A Max Bet (Maximum Bet) is simply playing the slot game on the maximum number of coins per spin, 3 reel progressives often require you to play max bets to be in with a chance of winning the jackpot.

Video Slot Game Terminology
Dragon Lady Game
Harveys Slot Game

Autoplay - The Autoplay feature lets you set the slot game to play itself, you simply need to insert the required number of spins you wish to play and the slot will play them all for you!

Bonus Game - A bonus game is an extra feature offered on video slots, it is often played on a new screen and will have you taking part in all manner of additional games such as picking rounds and the suchlike.

Free Spins - Free Spins are usually awarded for spinning in a certain number of scatter symbols, and this will award you with a number of spins which play out at no additional cost to you.

Fruit Machine Terminology
You Lucky Barstard Slot Game
Winning Wheels Slot Game

Hold - When a hold feature is awarded you can lock into position any or all of the reel symbols during the next spin you make, sometimes you can even hold a winning combination.

Nudges - From time to time the fruit machine will award you with a number of nudges, these can be used to move down any reel one position at a time in the hope of lining up a winning combination.

Skill Stop - Occasionally you will be awarded a Skill Stop feature, here you need to click the stop button when the lights flash on either a winning cash amount or the bonus game triggering position on the screen/grid/trail.

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