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Slot Tournaments Worth The Effort?

When times are hard is can be very difficult trying to get your slot playing habit tied into your available gambling budget, and one way many players tend to combine the two is by taking part in the many different types of online slot tournaments that are available.

As with most things in life there are both pros and cons of taking part in such events and we thought we would delve a little deeper into the expanding world of online slot machine tournaments to see if they are as good as some casinos will let you believe or if in fact they offer no value and winning potential.

Nothing in life is as straight forward as we would like and this is true in the world of online slot tournaments, there are many different types of them and they come in all shapes and sizes so we will now look at each different type of tournament so you fully understand what they can and will offer you.

If you are new to play slot tournaments and haven't a clue about what they are, they are simply a slot playing competition which are often against the clock, you are simply tasked with trying to win as much as you can on the slot game you are playing and at the end of the tournament be one of the players who wins the most and finishes in a prize playing position on the slot tournaments leader board.

Free Roll Slot Tournaments

A free roll tournament is a simple way to take part in a tournament and the advantage of playing in this particular type of event is that it won't cost you anything to take part! The casino where the tournament is being held will put up a small prize which is divided by the players who end up in the top few spots on the leader board.

Whilst on the face of it these free rolls can offer great value for money there can be many thousands of entrants and with just a handful of prize paying positions the odds of you actually ending the tournament which some winnings is often very poor!

The benefits of this type of tournament is that you will get a chance to play and understand how slot tournaments run and operate and they do give you several minutes of play time, but don't expect to end up with some winnings, if you do happen to win something look at is as a bonus and not a free ride to constant free cash!

Sit and Go Slot Tournaments

Taking part in a Sit and Go slot tournament will dramatically increase your chances of actually winning something. These sort of tournaments have no scheduled starting time, they simply begin once enough players have registered to take part in them.

Unlike free roll tournaments they do not have thousands of entrants they have just a few, often as little as two. You need to pay a small entry fee and this is then given to the winner (or sometimes winners) who manage to win the most at the end of the event.

The online casino where you are playing the Sit and Go tournament will take a small commission out of the entry fee, but this is often a tiny amount. This type of tournament offers much better value and gives you a more realistic chance of walking away in profit than most other tournaments.

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Scheduled Slot Tournaments

Scheduled slot tournaments are offered 24 hours a day, they all offer you the chance to take part for a small entry fee but they are a more structured type of event where you have to be online and playing with in the time frames indicated.

They also let you carry on playing when either your time has run out or you have ran out of credits, and this is called a re-buy, you simply pay another small fee and then your time and playing credits are replenished.

To find out how many re-buys you are allowed to make, along with the prize pool allocations and all of the rules simply click on the tournament buttons in the casino at which you are playing then highlight the slot tournament that interests you this is where all the information on that event will be displayed.

Some of these scheduled slot tournaments have a limited time frame for you to participate in, some on the other hand can run for an entire month, and it is the latter than offer some of the biggest prize pools with many prize paying positions available.

Playing slot tournaments is not for everyone, but if you are looking for real value and have been getting hammered playing regular slot machines then they can often offer an alternative to let you play slots well with in your budget.

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