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How To Tell Which Slots Are About To Pay

If you have ever ventured into a land based casino and seen people loitering about they could either be waiting for the opportunity to garb some ones coin bucket or they could be professional slot players (yes they do really exist), these type of players are not aimlessly wandering around what they are in fact doing is taking a careful mental note of certain aspects of the slots which can and do give them small indications on whether a slot machine is about to payout.

There are many different pointers they are looking for which will give them a slight advantage when they finally decide which slot game to jump on and start playing, however you may be wondering if it is possible to know which online slot machines are about to payout as you are much less likely to draw attention to yourself if you are playing online slots than land based ones.

There are indeed a few ways to tell which slots are hot and which are not and below are a few of the things you should look out for whenever you are playing any of the online slot machines that are showcased on our site, we cannot guarantee you a winning session every time you play but by following the information below you could turn the odds slightly to your advantage.

Pointers That Online Slots May Be About To Payout

As you may or may not be aware all online slot games at any one online casino all share the same random number generator, and this is the brains behind each slot, one way to find out if a slot is worth playing is by finding out when it last paid out its jackpot, but unlike in a land based casino where you can see people winning at an online casino you never know when a standard slot machine has paid out, progressive jackpots that have just paid out their jackpots are easy to spot as the progressive meter will be low.

But on normal, none progressive slots you will simply never know when some has just hit a jackpot and may innocently start playing that slot and therefore have very little chance of winning big as a close sequence of jackpots is very rare on this type of game.

But Microgaming have a very handy devise that lets you see at a glance which machine have indeed recently paid out their jackpot and which ones haven't, and this is called the Jackpot Thermometer, and by religiously checking this before you play and using it to decide whether to play a slot or not you will stand a better chance of winning.

We better tell you how this Jackpot Thermometer works and how to use it to its full advantage and below you will find the inner workings of this often overlooked yet very valuable online slot players tool!

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Jackpot Thermometer

Once you log into any Microgaming powered casino and scroll through the slot game menu you will see the Jackpot Thermometer, this will have a small arrow on it and this will be in either a yellow or red section of the graphic, you will also see the temperature of that particular slot game.

The lowest temperature is 80 and the highest is 999, and this is worked out via the following mathematical equation: The Temperature which starts at 80 is then divided by the time since the last jackpot, divided by the average time between the last five jackpots on that particular slot machine and this is then multiplied by 100 to give the final temperature.

We should point out that due to the slots being completely random a cold or hot reading does not necessarily guarantee a winning jackpot will happen, but as most games run in cycles thanks to the random number generator and the law of averages this can be a very handy tool to use for you to track down which slots are about to payout and those that are not!

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are a law unto themselves, but over many years you will start to see patterns forming, and one handy tip for playing them in the hope of having an increased chance of hitting the progressive is for you to find out when, on average the jackpot is won on that slot machine.

Once you find out the average size of the jackpot payout then you should only ever play these progressive slot machines when the current live jackpot exceeds that figure as this is the best indicator of when a jackpot win is due.

To help you find the information we have compiled a complete listing of all Microgaming progressive slots with the average amounts at which they hit, this is covered in our guide about When To Play Progressive Slots.

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