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Unique Bonus Games

When you are looking around at the selection of slot games you can play in your chosen casino you will no doubt be basing your decision on the slots with offer the most unique bonus games, if this sounds like what you do then allow us to showcase to you some online slots that do indeed have some very unique bonus games that can, if all if well return some big winning payouts.

CashaNova Slot Game

The CashaNova slot game is has two unique bonus games the first is a free spins round where you get to pick off the screen several boxes, some contain more free spins than others, some have bugger multipliers than others and one box will contain a large cash bonus payout which you will get on each spin. It also have a funky picking game in a barn where you get to pick and win until the farmers guard dog wakes up!

Fighting Fish Slot Game

The Fighting Fish slot is another online slot game that has a very unique bonus game, here you will get to pick one of two different fishes when the bonus game launches, you have to pick which one you think is the better fighter, once you have picked one of them then the fish will starting slapping each other and fighting and then your prize will be revealed!

Witches Wealth Slot Game

The Witches Wealth slot game a wacky slot game to play if you like unique bonus games as when you finally manage to trigger the bonus game you can win either a cash prize or get to play the flying Witch game which sees the Witch taking to her broom stick and flying through the air, if she manage to make this journey accident free then you are awarded with a cash prize!

Big Break Slot Game

The Big Break slot is a slot game featuring Gorillas who like to head down to the beach, it offers a fairly standard free spins bonus game but it also features a unique picking bonus game, here you must pick one of the surfing Gorillas in the hope that he is hiding the biggest cash amount behind his surf board, you will get the prize attached to whichever Gorilla you choose.

Prime Property Slot Game

The Prime Property slot game is yet another 40 line slot game and this one too offers a free spins bonus round, this one is fairly unique in that you have to picks squares off the screen when you trigger to bonus round and once you select one you are either awarded extra free spins or an additional multiplier, you keep picking until you reveal a start free spins square and then the free spin will begin.

K9 Capers Slot Game

The K9 Capers slot game offers a very unique picking bonus game and here, once launched you are taken into the garden of the house where the doggie lives and have to choose where you think the dog is hiding, it sounds easy enough but you must try and find the dog in the least number of guesses as this is the key to winning a bigger cash payout.

Kung Fu Monkey Slot Game

The Kung Fu Monkey slot game is for all you martial arts fans out there are once you manage to trigger the bonus game you get to pick opponents off the screen and take them on in a fight, the more of your opponents that you manage to defeat the bigger and better you cash prize will be!

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