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US Slot Player Woes Continue

There was a time, and long too long ago, when if you were a US based real money, slot machine player you could pick and choose where to play, hundreds of online casinos would welcome you with open arms, but sadly those days have long gone and now you really can count on the fingers of one hand the number of reputable sites who can not only process both your deposits and withdrawals but who will also offer you a great range of slot games.

The problems all started for US online players in October of 2006 when, George Bush signed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act which has come to be known as the UIGEA. The soul aim of this act was to prohibit the transfer of funds from any USA financial institution to an online gambling website.

There was of course a couple of exceptions and these were US based and regulated Horse Racing sites and Lottery sites, and the singing of this Act in to law slowly but surely sounded the death knoll for US players.

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US Players Left In The Lurch

However as the online gambling environment has got used to rapid change over the years a whole range of new ways of depositing funds into an online casino or gambling related site sprung up thus allowing determined US players to continue this pass time.

But as with most things in life not all of these methods were of the quality or offered players the ultimate levels of protection that is demanded, and unfortunately many top named and trusted online gambling software companies decided to pull the plug on US players leaving them in the lurch and no longer accept their once very welcomed custom.

This decision to not permit US casino players to play at any site they powered spawned a plethora of underfunded and fledgling casino software providers to look at this now legally defunct market place with eager eyes and they fell over themselves to attract these players into their sites.

Some of these software providers and also the licensees who operated online casinos powered by them were simply fly by night characters who simply sucked the blood or in reality money out of these players by offering them poor quality games, highly unreliable e-cash processing facilities which meant they could accept deposits with not much hassle but when it came to paying players they would pull every stunt known to man, and many that weren't to get out of paying them.

There are some online casinos who can, to this day, accept US players and whilst on the face of it present themselves as bona fide, fair and responsive operators but this can and does change from day to day and with the number of US online casino players dwindling rapidly it is only a matter of time before these operators finally pull the plug and sadly, in the majority of cases, leave players out of pocket.

What's Next For US Players

There is a lot of speculation on what the future holds for US based players who want to take part in the fun and games of online gambling, and it will only be a matter of time before the US finally see the sense in legalizing online gambling.

By legalizing the industry players will have complete protection from rogue operators and not only that but the US Treasury will be able to tax the profits made from such sites and thus generate extra revenue, which is something most Governments are always eager to do.

If you are a US based casino player and wish to play online then please think long and hard about where you are wishing to play as the odds are currently stacked against you and maybe you are better sticking to your local land based venues until such a time as online gambling is finally legalized and regulated for you, you could be making it a double gamble should you play online with the current situation as it is.

Microgaming and US Players

There is some small good news for US based online casino players who had an account at some Microgaming powered sites before they decided to pull the plus on players based in America, they have recently licensed out their original version of their software to a new company and this is currently available at selection sites to the US market.

Should you have an account at a Microgaming powered site which was opened before the UIGEA then contact the casino support team to find out if you can have your account moved over to this new platform, if you can you can play a large selection of Microgamings original games, but many of the new games and progressive games are not available via this new platform.

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