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Using bonuses wisely

If you have been given the option of being given a casino bonus from any online casino is it best not to just jump in with both feet and grab it, you should first consider whether the bonus is worthy of accepting as some can give you real value for money and alas some offer players very poor value.

If you are new to play online slots and online casinos is general then you need to be aware that each and every casino bonus you will come across online will have terms and conditions attached to them and it is vitally important that you understand these terms inside out before making the decision to accept one.

Using casino bonuses wisely can make you online slot machine play enjoyable and will of course extend your game play but you must fully understand the pros and cons of accepting them or you may make the mistake of opting for one that traps your money in and gives you little chance of a winning session.

Using Casino Bonuses On Video Slots
Polar Bash Slot Game
Reel Baron Slot Game

The majority of casino bonuses have been structured to allow you to play slot machines as opposed to card or table games and this will mean you can play slots such as Polar Bash and Reel Baron but if you do decide to play games such as this it is important that you put into play a good strategy.

Make sure that you activate all of the paylines that the video slot you are going to play has, as this way you will ensure you never miss a winning combination as you will have them all covered, and more importantly by playing all of the paylines you ensure you get the biggest payouts once the bonus round trigger.

Using Casino Bonuses on Progressive Slots.
Mega Moolah Slot Game
Mega Moolah Slot Game

With some progressive slot machines such as the Mega Moolah series of slots offering jackpots that rise to the millions of dollars mark you may be tempted to give these types of slot games a try more so if you have a big casino bonus but more often than not these types of slots are not permitted to be paid whilst you have a casino bonus in your account.

Occasionally an online casino will let you have a limited number of spins on this type of slot game when you are using a bonus and this is where reading the terms and conditions is important, for if you do hit the progressive jackpot with a bonus and it is a disallowed game to play then you stand the very real chance of having that big win voided, so don't make this mistake and read those rules!

Using Bonuses On New Slots
Cash Splash Slot Game
Dolphin Coast Slot Game

When a new slot game is launched such as the Dolphin Coast slot online casinos like to heavily promote this new game, and as such you should checkout the casinos newsletter or website for details of any special bonuses that are offered to test drive this new slot, you can often get some 100% plus bonuses to be played on new slots at the start of each month so keep your eyes peeled for these special promotional offers.

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