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Weaknesses of a Gambler

Not one of the most discussed topics found online, but there are a great many weaknesses that gamblers have that often leads them to spending much more money than they were prepared to do before they sat down to play, or even will make them have much shorter gambling sessions that their more experienced peers, on this part of the website we take a look at a few gamblers weakness, see if any of them reflect how you play and make sure you put in some steps to chance the way you play!

1. Playing casino games at stakes which your bankroll cannot sustain is one of the major weaknesses of a gambler, when you are playing any game it is imperative that your stake reflects your budget, the downside of this for many players means that as they have a small budget their stake levels must also be small, but it can pay dividends to play this way and then slowly increase your stakes as and when you get onto a winning streak.

2. Playing the wrong game is another common mistake for players, more so when it comes to slot machines, a savvy player will hunt around to find the slot games that offer the best payout percentages no matter how boring or simplistic the game play is on that machine. Even though a slot may offer a plethora of bonus games and features the art of having and getting a good paying session is to stick to those that offer the best pay backs.

3. Not knowing the game play rules will cost a player dearly no matter what casino game they are playing, so if you do like Blackjack for example then make sure you know the rules and strategy inside out and back to front before you start to play, as then you will know what to do when faced with any hand dealt to you.

4. Another weakness of gamblers is to play at an online casino which offers huge bonuses based on your deposit amount, often these kinds of bonuses are offered to entice you to make this deposit then will tie you in to all manner o none player friendly terms and conditions, so even limit the amount of money you can cash out when playing with a bonus, so if you wish to play with such bonuses make sure they are user friendly!

5. Playing as though it is the last session they are ever going to play is a weakness of many gambler and this kind of reckless player will often find themselves on some fabulous winning streaks but will, during the course of that sessions lose back their winnings and often more due to their inability to stop playing and cash out their winnings.

6. Playing when drunk or tired is another weakness of some gamblers, and whilst it pays to have a good nights sleep it does not pay to wake up after a drunken sessions with a banging headache and know you have just lost a stash of cash on the slot games or casino tables!

7. Reversing a cash out is another common weakness with gamblers and this can often lead to mood swings and a feeling of anger, if you have made a cash out at any casino then get them to flush the withdrawal so you are not tempted to carry on playing.

8. Another weakness of gamblers is to become convinced the game they are playing or the site they are playing at is rigged or fixed, all of the casinos listed on our site are fully audited and supply games that have been independently tested to ensure they are 100% fair and honest, so stick to the best sites when playing online and you will not go far wrong.

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