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Slot Machine Cheats

Much like in the "real" world you will find all manner of slot players online, and a very small majority of these players will have one thing on their mind, and that will be to device ways of cheating online casinos and online slot sites.

Some of these people have devised quite clever ways of cheating online slots but most however come up with very crude, and very easily detectable ways of trying to scam an online casino. In this part of our website we shall take a look at some of the ways people have tried and sometimes managed to cheat online slot games.

We wish to point out we do not condone any of the slot machine cheats listed below and they are here simply to give you an insight into this murky underworld! Trying to copy any slot cheat mentioned will more than likely be instantly detected by the online casino or slot site and you will probably get carted away in chains and end up eating bread and drinking water for a very long time!

Fake Screen Shots

Using fake screen shots has to be one of the easily detectable of any slot cheating scam, what a player will do is to take several different screen shots of a slot game and manipulate them into a winning screenshot whereby a large win is displayed on their final screenshot.

They will then email the casino they are trying to cheat, often screaming blue murder that they have won and not been credited the jackpot! But thanks to modern advances in technology every single spin of the reels is recorded by the casino and they can easily check up on whether the win is valid or not.

Many people continue to try this slot machine scam to this day, and then often go off with their tail between their legs once their scam has been exposed.

Random Number Generator Manipulation

Several years ago Cryptologic powered online casinos became victim to one of the best and most successful slot scams ever devised. Some how a team of fraudsters managed to gain access to the random number generator of the software provider and manipulated it in such a way that it churned out winning sequences!

They had a team of players logged into several casinos and once the random number generator had been tampered with this team simply set about playing slot games safe in the knowledge that every spin they made would be a winning one!

There was however one slight problem with this slot machine scam and that was every other player who was logged into the casinos that night and who played the slot games also won on every spin they made!

After a while one or two genuine, honest players realized that they could not lose on any spin made on the slots and decided to contact the casinos' customer support team to explain this very strange occurrence!

As more and more reports came into the casino support desk an immediate investigation was launched and Cryptologic quickly found their systems had been hacked and went about correcting this manipulation. But it left them with one problem, and that was that they didn't know who the cheaters were.

As there was both genuine players and a small team of slot cheaters playing and winning on their slots they were faced with a bit of a dilemma, should they void all winnings or pay out everyone.

After much thought they decided that they were going to honour all players who won on the slots that night and everyone got paid out, genuine players and the slot cheaters!

Rigged Slot Games

It is not just players that turn in slot scamsters, some casino operators have turned into fraudsters and over the years there have been several, poorly financed and very amateur online casinos coming online who have made available slot games that players have no possible chance of winning on!

On the face of it these slot games seem quite generous, with pay tables that look no different to other top paying slots, but they then remove certain reel symbols from the reels so that it is impossible for players to hit the bigger paying prizes.

Fortunately these dodgy online casinos often get susses out very quickly by the online gambling community, and any or even experienced online slot player is well advised to only play at online casino that are from the top online casino software companies.

All major online casino software companies have their random number generators fully audited and also many online casinos have their payout percentages fully audited each month.

Don't Get Cheated

Below is our quick glance guide to ensure you never become victim to a dodgy online casino operator, take a good read through this guide and by ensuring you follow the guidance you should never fall victim to an online casino scam.

1. Ensure the slot site or online casino is regulated by a well known jurisdiction and only play at online casinos we list as they are fully licensed and audited by third party companies.

2. If a bonus offer looks too good to be true then it probably is. Some dodgy casinos will offer you huge bonuses to get you to play at their casino but they make it practically impossible to cash out by giving you massive play through requirements or maximum cash out amounts.

3. Avoid brand new online casinos that will not tell you who their software is made by or where they are licensed, if they refuse to give you this simple information then avoid them as they are trying to cover something up!

4. Word of mouth and recommendations from people you know very well can also help you avoid being ripped off or scammed, if you know someone who has never had any problems when playing at an online casino or slot site then that is a good indication that that site is fair and honest.

5. Another good tip is for you to play for free before you make a deposit into an online casino, this will allow you to get a feel for their games and to see if they are of the quality you demand.