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Mikohn Gaming Slot Machine Manufacturer

The Mikohn Gaming Inc. specialize in the design, manufacturer, and distribution of a whole host of casino games as well as tracking systems to allow operators to keep a close eye on their players spending habits and true worth, plus they also have an offshoot company which supplies interior and exterior signage for the casino industry.

They have a truly vast and diverse product range that covers such things as table games including Caribbean Stud and Progressive Blackjack, plus fully licensed and themed table games and slot machines built around well known brand such as Hasbro board and dice games, such well known names as Monopoly and Yahtzee are included in this range.

They are also seen as the leading name in the design of interior displays, catering for both single, stand alone gaming equipment or for banks of progressive jackpot games. The major corporate selling point of this company is that Mikohn holds gaming licenses in over 150 gambling jurisdictions worldwide which puts them in a truly leading position the world over.

Mikohn Gaming The Early Days

Mikohn Gaming started their corporate life as Mikohn Inc. which in 1986 they implemented the know how required for progressive slot machine jackpot systems and it is the technology which is found in every land based casino to this day, who knows if it wasn't for them progressive slot machines may never have been born!

They also developed the often found Mystery Jackpot software which can be found on many modern slot machine and lets players, win, totally at random one or more of the ever increasing jackpot payouts. while Bonus Jackpot software allowed for random jackpots in addition to the regular payout.

Their early days produced a modest profit of several tens of thousands of dollars but in their fifth year of operation they became a major company and reported a massive operating profit which was an amazing $5.8 million, proving from small acorns large oak trees can grow!

They set about becoming a publicly traded company in the late 1990's and which the leadership of their CEO who was at the time David J. Thompson they secured the necessary funding to truly catapult them into the big time.

They continued to grow and expand especially in their technology part of the company and this has led to them becoming a major player more so in the signage and lighting aspect of their operation

Mikohn Gaming Unique Games

One of the major achievements was for them to secure the exclusive rights to distribute the Caribbean Stud poker game which proved to be very popular in land based casinos looking to expand on the often limited card and table game offerings.

Mikohn decided, in the late 1990's that they should further develop many new casino games based on their agreement with Hasbro, and this led to them releasing a new table game table game, that offered players to win, a generous (well it was at this time) 125 times a bet by getting a match of symbols such as the railroad, utility, house or hotel property, which was displayed by way of cards dealt from a deck of 50 cards.

The other cards often found on this popular game are the Community Chest and Chance cards, and true to form they decided to use these cards as the wild cards, the other cards symbolizes the player identifying game pieces such as the iron, car and hat and it was these cards that gave the player a no-lose pass but only when the card matched the player's betting spot.

This was an exciting game to play with an added twist and Players could choose to take the extra side bet which would cost one dollar and gave them the chance of a progressive jackpot win. This game was put out to players in such casinos as the Circus Circus in Las Vegas which was required as part of the approval process in Nevada.

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