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Shuffle Master Slot Machine Manufacturer

Shuffle Master are not your normal slot machine manufacturer they are a truly innovative company who supply a range of products that enhance casino game playability, add and extra layer of security to casinos across the globe and also provide a range of unique games that are part electronic and part human! They have quickly made a name for themselves as a truly unique supplier of gaming equipment.

The most popular piece of kit they designed and developed was the automatic card shuffler, this enabled casinos to not only speed up the game but also ensure that any possibility of card tracking by Blackjack players is now impossible, it also stops any form of tampering of the deck by player or casino employee as it is all done securely and randomly by the shuffle master machine.

Another piece of equipment that virtually all land based casinos swear by is the roulette chip sorter, no longer do croupiers have to hand sort the player chips as they simply need to drag and then drop them into the chip sorter and the machine will do all of the hard work quickly and accurately thus speeding up the game.

They have also brought out a range of video slot machines which have been tailor made for certain global markets, these offer all the usual player and operator friendly features and have proved to be very popular with a very demanding slot player marketplace. If you are looking for something completely different then Shuffle Master is the company for you!

Shuffle Master Rapid Table Games

The range of Rapid Table Games have revolutionized the way casinos across the globe run their card and table games, Shuffle Master have designed these game which are a mix of real dealers and electronic player positions to ensure you can accommodate a great many extra players for each dealer whilst adding maximum security to your games.

The Dealers job is safe as they are there dealing out the cards yet the electronic terminals handle all the cash out and monetary aspects of the game ensuring fast and accurate payouts every time, these Rapid Table Games have increased turn over and therefore profit several times over wherever they have been installed.

The current range of Rapid Table Games that are available directly from Shuffle Master include the following great classic casino games: Rapid Baccarat, Rapid Craps, Rapid Roulette, Rapid Sic Bo.

Shuffle Master Vegas Star Games

Shuffle Master are also famed for their multi terminal games that offer players the privacy of their own little space in the casino to play any of the games listed below in their own time which is very important in the often over crowded areas of a busy casino floor.

These terminals offer note acceptors for ease of use and more importantly they are touch screen with adds another level of ease for players who simply touch and play.

The list of games that can be programmed into these terminals is ever growing and currently the number and name of games are as follows: Bet the Set 21, Casino War, Blackjack , Dragon Bonus Baccarat, Roulette, Sic Bo, Ultimate Baccarat, Craps, Progressive Jackpot Blackjack, Progressive Jackpot Baccarat.

Shuffle Master Table Master Games

For casino operators looking to seriously increase the potability of their floor space should seriously consider the Table Master gaming suite from Shuffle Master which are completely electronic games offering maximum security for operators.

These games offer players ease of use thanks to the fact they accept both bank notes, coins and where necessary tickets, and they come with multiple pay tables where relevant. They can also be programmed to have multiple dealers and backgrounds. They have been approved for use by The UL, The CUL and The FCC.

The current range of casino games that these machines can be programmed with are as follows: Three Card Poker, Let It Ride Bonus with 3 Card Bonus, Dragon Bonus Baccarat, Royal Match 21 Blackjack, Ultimate Texas Hold'em, Four Card Poker, Bet the Set 21, Blackjack and Ultimate Draw Poker.

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